Jada Kingdom Releases Diss Track But Ends War With Stefflon Don Due To Her Relationship With Pardi Fontaine

Dancehall artist Jada Kingdom is ending her musical war of words with Stefflon Don out of respect for her new relationship with rapping producer Pardison ‘Pardi’ Fontaine. 

“For everyone who’s saying ‘war start’, war jus done! Well, for me that is,” the singer wrote in an Instagram Story today. “I’m in a happy and healthy relationship now, I won’t be prolonging this nonsense.”

But not before she unleashed London Bed “for my respect and the culture,” in response to Stefflon’s Dat A Dat, a diss track with an overarching claim that Kingdom is more or less a prostitute, nestled on Rvssian’s Dutty Money riddim.

Tension between their fan bases has been brewing since June when Kingdom was spotted out with Stefflon’s ex, Nigerian superstar Burna Boy. Subsequently, Stefflon took to her Instagram Story to throw shade at a promiscuous woman, which some fans felt was bitterness towards Burna’s possible new fling. Stefflon would eventually clarify her post, saying it was a jab at her former handlers

By July, Burna had name-dropped Kingdom in the remix of Byron Messia’s Talibans, specifically singing “All of the best pum pum deh yah Kingston, so me buy a Birkin fi Jada Kingdom.”

Recall, on Kingdom and The 9ine’s Turn Me On hit, she stipulates that any man desirous of having her as arm candy, has to gift her a Birkin bag. However, she made it clear on IDG1F (released three days before Talibans II) that she’s quite stingy with her lady parts, though men can wish away while spoiling her in cash and kind. 

By September, Madame Twinkle was seen out and about with Fontaine, confirming she’d moved on from Burna. Rumors of a reconciliation between Stefflon and Burna started circulating in December after she received a Rolls-Royce vehicle as a birthday gift from an unnamed boo. 

Fast forward to this weekend when Stefflon teased a song on Rvssian’s Dutty Money riddim, which threatened violence towards a promiscuous woman who slept with her man. Kingdom entered the chat, confirming a casual fling with Burna, and only finding issue with the threatened “box.” She asked the British-based artist to confirm if she was the target, which Stefflon confirmed via Dat A Dat, which references “Twinki” (Twinkle). 

Interestingly, as she did in June, Stefflon said she wasn’t initially talking about Kingdom in the previously-released clip. 

Backroad gyal, a never you mi a chat
If the cap fit, yuh fi wear it, dat a dat 

She also changed up some of the lyrics. 

Yuh never f**k my man, still a box yuh fi get 
Tell the cokehead a dis mi a seh 

Stefflon Don, Jada Kingdom

Kingdom had previously rubbished the vile cocaine rumors which have been following her since 2021. But as the extreme saying goes, when they go low, you go to hell, which is exactly what Kingdom did on London Bed.

Cunningly using the Talibans II instrumental, the track begins with a snippet of a viral clip where deejay Aidonia said a man shouldn’t continue to have sex with a woman whose lady parts can’t inspire him to write a song. Then came Burna’s vocals as they are on Talibans II, hinting that Kingdom is so blessed below he gave her luxury bags. 

Between taking shots at Stefflon being a 32-year-old mother arguing over a man with a woman seven years her junior, Kingdom also labeled her rapper brother Dutchavelli a pedophile, though he denied ever being involved with a minor in 2021.

Nobody was safe as the St. Thomas native also came for Stefflon’s alleged cosmetic surgeon and even accused the Hurtin’ Me artist of pimping out her sister. 

For the primary bone of contention, Kingdom stood ten toes down on frolicking with her ex. 

Half a milli inna pounds, jet to Paris
Couple Birkin bag, a new watch pon mi wrist…
Invest inna property and watch the money flip
It’s just a normal day, trickin’ on a bad b*tch 
I got my turn and gladly tek it 
So weh yuh a go do bout that?
From yuh sing seh a gyal f**k yuh man, yuh flop
Since yuh bad, mi deh yah so a wait pon the box

She also inserted some alleged pillow talk she had with the Last Last hitmaker.

You say him c–ky small and him is a mama’s boy
Likkle b*tch move on, yuh muss delulu

Yuh b*ttyhole name London bed, yuh mouth f**k-out, that’s why di man left… 
Mi know seh yuh hole done but mine cya lend
Free f**k a rape, good pu**y muss sell
The man tell mi seh him never waan be nuh stepfather
A him yuh mussi cuss, likkle eediat gyal

London Bed is a follow-up to a teased diss track Kingdom had posted on Instagram yesterday, which carried a slower tempo. Stefflon had reshared the post, expressing disappointment at her clapback. 

Each fan base has been declaring their respective artist the winner of this unexpected clash. 

“The fact that she get authorisation to use the other song, says it all,” one user said. “Jada win.”

“The mum.. The brother.. The sister… The baby father… even the surgeon! Everyone got strays! Mad Mad Mad.”

“Went to my bed in peace and woke up in war….winnings. East Side Queen.”

“Dissing her on Burna’s beat with her pre-surgery body pic is crazyyyyy.”

Another added, “I’m not on anyone’s side, but as a dancehall fan, lyrically, Jada tek this one. Big up both artists.”

Contrary comments supporting Dat A Dat read:

“Stefflon Don the champ. This goes hard.”

“My favourite song. #Team Stefflon Don.”

“Nuff said!! The Don has entered and conquered.”

“The clash we never knew we needed. Steff-1, Jada -0.”

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