‘V6’ Producer David Ireland Says Major Labels Don’t Know What To Do With Dancehall Music

David ‘Ireland Boss’ Ireland — the producer behind Malie Donn’s hit song V6 — has confidently stated that his choice not to sell the song to a major label was a wise one, and he foresees a future where the artist will be grateful for that decision.

Malie Donn previously disclosed in an interview with the “Perspectives” podcast that Ireland’s decision may have hindered a deal with a major label.

However, the producer has stood firm on his decision, arguing that the track is thriving independently and questioning the added value a major label could bring to Dancehall music.

“It was a good decision not signing it over to the labels. We got a bigger deal to even do a remix with Stefflon Don and that was turned down by the artiste. The song has been doing well on its own, so we didn’t need a major label,” Ireland told the Observer.

He cited Byron Messia’s Talibans and Teejay’s Drift as examples of Dancehall tracks that gained popularity without major label input.   “Major labels don’t know what to do with dancehall music. Look at Talibans and Drift, those were big songs before major labels got involved. We don’t need the major labels. What can they do that we haven’t done?”

“There were so many offers that we got. All the labels across the world reached out, maybe six to seven, and even their sub-labels, every single day for like two months. You don’t get paid for your work, you get paid for your value,” the producer revealed.

Malie Donn

Ireland, who also produced Laa Lee’s Tip Inna It, Spice’s Bed A Rock, and Jah Cure’s Oh Jah, was adamant that keeping the V6 masters would prove to be the right choice for the long-term success of the track and the artist.  

“I am not going to sign to no label to tell me what to do. Ireland Records has been doing very well out there in the world. I believe that the artiste will thank me later on,” he said.

On the flip side, Malie Donn has opted to focus on the horizon, channeling his energy into producing more music rather than lingering on the V6 situation.

“Mi nah try stress the situation. Is a situation weh mi done make up my mind say alright mi a go find some bigger song dan this,” he told Perspectives. 

“So is like the direction my mind deh, mi nuh up fi war fi a song. Mi nuh up fi it right now because mi know mi capability so mi just a humble you know. And if a label really want sign, then dem see the potential in ah yuh, dem a go sign you regardless ah one song. So we naa kill up we self cause greatness deh deh fi come.”

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