Usain Bolt Reacts To Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal’s Offer To Kylian Mbappe: “I’m Ready To Unretire For This One Year Salary $776M”

Clockwork producer Usain Bolt’s tweet on Tuesday that he would come out of retirement for US$776 million, has sent some persons on social media in a tizzy, with some even advising him ‘not to put the money in his Jamaican bank account’.

The sprint legend though, was reacting to Saudi Arabian football club Al-Hilal’s massive financial package offered to French football superstar Kylian Mbappe, and reacted with humor just like LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damian Lillard, and Andre Drummond, and others had done moments before.

“I’m ready to unretire for this one year salary $776M,” the iconic sprinter tweeted from France on Tuesday, where he has been making an appearance to promote the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Having gotten wind of the tweet, The Shade Room shared the post on Instagram, and captioned it: “#UsainBolt says he’s ready to come out of retirement to get that bag!”

However, many of The Shade Room’s US followers appeared oblivious to the fact that the comment was a joke stemming from reports that US$776 million had been offered by the Saudi Arabian football club, and that Bolt was not the first sportsman to react jokingly to news of the huge contractual offer made to the 24-year-old.

One woman, itsmsbenji, was jeered after she stated that Bolt wanted to come out of retirement, supposedly, because American sprinter Noah Lyles recently surpassed his record for having the most 200m races finished in under 20 seconds.

“Lol bye he just wanna come back to beat Noah lyles😂😂 we ain’t dumb… you don’t have anything to prove! We know your the fastest man in the world ✨👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾,” she wrote.

She was promptly brought up to speed by an amused britrishnika who countered: “@itsmsbenji, lol u poor thing the man talking about the football paycheck 😂 he done proven himself to Tracks relax. It’s Noah time to shine Bolt supports that.”

“@itsmsbenji, you clearly don’t understand,Saudi Arabia is offering soccer player called Mbappe the sum of $766 mil to play for them for just 1 year and Bolt over here is sharing his thoughts,” gladysjihn added.

According to reports, Al Hilal, which is the most decorated club in Asia has also offered Mbappe’s club Paris-St Germain a world record transfer fee of $332 million to sign the Frenchman.

“Mbappe has once again been the subject of intense transfer speculation, with the Frenchman reportedly informing Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) that he isn’t interested in extending his contract, which expires next summer.   With PSG reluctant to lose Mbappe on a free transfer, they are said to be open to selling him right now. On that note, Saudi Pro League side Al Hilal are said to have made him a staggering offer that will see him earn $776 million in salary for one season,” a report noted.

The sports reports say the Saudi Pro League has become a hotspot for top players, beginning with Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al-Nassr and with elite footballers Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante and Roberto Firmino subsequently joining the Middle Eastern league.

“They were also looking to strike a deal for Messi, whose contract with PSG expired this summer. However, the Argentine superstar instead opted to go to the US, signing a two-and-a-half-year deal with MLS side Inter Miami,” Sportskeeda reported.

Over on Bolt’s Twitter page, there was much discussion with some persons advising the track icon, who has lost more than US$12 million to fraudsters at Jamaican investment firm Stock and Securities, to go head and secure some form of contractual arrangements with the Saudis.

“Better yet, get on an ambassador contract and get them put on a track and field league over there. Track & field athletes are underpaid and undervalued,” one man advised, while another added: “You could get more if you agree to coach Saudi sprinting team for next Olympics or world athletics championship”.

Some of the responses though, were not so charitable.

“You’ve already done that when you tried to be a football player and we saw how silly you were,” Abdulmjeed991 wrote, while another man jeered: “Hey, buddy, hate to break it to you, but unless you’re some kind of ex-NFL superstar with superpowers, I highly doubt anyone’s offering you $776M for a year’s work. Dream big, but keep it realistic, my friend”.

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