Usain Bolt Considers Adding Athletics Coaching To His Repertoire

After pursuing professional football and adding Dancehall music production to his repertoire, Clockwork producer Usain Bolt has revealed that he’s reconsidering going into coaching, a career that he had always shied away from as he thought he did not have the requisite patience.

According to Bolt, now that he is a father of three robust young children, including twin boys, he was thinking of using his expertise and newfound patience to nurture young talent.

“I am mainly focusing on my kids right now.  They are growing up.  For me, it is fun.  And I remember people always asking me are you gonna coach? And I have always told people I have no patience to coach.  Now that I have three kids, you have to have patience and I think I am leaning to maybe coach one day,” the sprint legend recently told World Athletics.

“It is something I have talked to my coach about and I need to pick his brain to find out so I can be like him as good or even be better than him.  So it’s something I am thinking about now,” he added. 

After retiring from athletics in 2017, Bolt unsuccessfully went on several trials to become a professional footballer.   After that he ventured into Dancehall music production, establishing his Kimgston-based A-Team label.    

However, in April 2021, Bolt had complained on Instagram that his “contributions” to Dancehall and Reggae were being shunned by the music fraternity

In April 2022 though, Bounty Killer had thrown his full support behind Bolt’s foray into music production, noting that he was willing to be a part of any project that the World’s Fastest Man had in the making.

Bounty had spoken glowingly of the Country Boy, whom he said was a friend and also a fan of his, who truly loved Dancehall music and ought to be supported.

“I am willing, to be a part of any project he is putting out because I am a supporter of him.  And I like the fact that he is supporting music… so I am excited to see him in music,” he said.

Usain Bolt

Bounty, who had extensively promoted Bolt’s Country Yutes album on his Instagram page in 2021, had said that Usain’s love of Dancehall music was unquestionable and longstanding and that those who bashed him after he entered the industry were not being fair to the Trelawny native.

“A lot of people try to bash him and all that, but why you gonna bash him? He’s a music lover.  He is a music guy.  I met Usain as a young sprinter when he was just coming up, at the Asylum (nightclub).  That was where we became familiar with each other; in parties.  And he was always on the dance floor doing the dances.  That’s why you always see him doing di dance dem.  Dat’s him naturally,” Bounty had explained.

“So he’s not putting on any front or gwaan like him come and teck up music fi people see him.  No.  He loves music.  He is one of the biggest music supporter.  He is a big Gaza fan.  Memba everybaddy know seh him support Vybz Kartel.   And he is a big fan of Bounty Killer.  Him a big fan of everybaddy.  Only choo Kartel a him favourite,” he added.

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