Tracee Ellis Ross Shows Off Her ‘One Drop’

American actress Tracee Ellis Ross recently showed off her best version of the ‘One Drop’ dance in a video making rounds on social media.

In the clip, the actress boldly does the routine while seemingly impressed onlookers (including the video woman) cheer her on.

“I’m not sure…I can’t remember what it’s called,” Ellis Ross said when quizzed about the dance. 

Fortunately, someone was around to jog her memory. 

“It’s the ‘one drop’ ‘cause it’s one and then you drop,” she enthusiastically replied, demonstrating the move again. 

Who could forget the One Drop and its accompanying song by Dancehall artist QQ. The official music video has almost 4 million views on YouTube.

The clip of Ellis Ross caused proud Jamaicans to gather on social media to express, once again, how good they feel that a part of the culture has been reocognised by an international celebrity.

“She better than me cuz I still can’t do it properly,” one Instagram user said.

“Lol…if it’s one thing, foreigners are gonna love our culture,” added another.

“Then how mi nuh fi be Jamaican? Hey all waa gwaan u see if the crime did decrease little bit Jamaica would a well nice enuh we culture rich bad enuh everybody waa be Jamaican….Jah know ….. put down the g*n dem nuh man,” another Instagram user reasoned.

The clip even caught the attention of QQ ego commented, “🫶🫶🫶🫶 Big up @traceeellisross”

This isn’t the first time the actress has shown off her Jamaican dance moves. In fact, last December, she visited the island for some downtime and seemed to have a ball.

“…Best night ever , best friends ever, best band ever. Dance class!!! 🇯🇲 I did thunder & lightning, I hailed the boat, I went pon de river, pon de bank, went kayaking, balanced a tray on my head and more. So basically I had a BLAST!!,” she captioned a post made during her time on the island.

She later shared photos lyming by a river in a T-shirt and bikini bottom with the caption, “ 🇯🇲 one love”

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