Tifa Gives People A Friendly Reminder Of Her Hit Catalogue

For the people in the back with selective amnesia, Tifa has contributed several hits to dancehall and reggae music. That’s her message in a video posted to social media on Friday, where she addressed folks who can’t seem to match her name to her music. 

“Of late, mi notice everybody keep on a seh, ‘A did you sing dah song deh?’…” her video started. “Yes, a did me sing certain song.”

A firm believer in “sometimes u just gotta remind people who tf u are‼️”, she defended the hits in her 14-year catalogue.

“There was this big topic of discussion the other day wid one man a talk bout Tifa nav nuh song,” she said. “Like, I have hundreds of songs, and popular songs at that, so, it prompted me to re-educate people. So, here’s a list of some of my popular songs: popular Tifa songs, popular Tifa covers and popular combinations that I did.”

Included in the trip down memory lane were the songs that catapulted her to fame in 2009: Crawny Gyal, Bottom of the Barrel, and a sure classic, Spell It Out.

Tifa, undoubtedly, held her own on several male-dominated juggling riddims, oftentimes releasing not just the biggest singles from a female on some popular riddims, but overall. Circa her pulsating Move Your Body smash on ZJ Chrome’s 2010 Smokin’ riddim (one of their several hit collabs); the must-play Dash Out on Ja Production’s 2011 Overproof riddim; and her Big Bumper anthem on Birchill’s 2016 Moskato juggling project.

She’s also scored memorable collabs, most notably Jealous Ova (2014) with Dexta Daps, but also Certified Diva (2010) with Tami Chynn, Swaggin’ WTF with Fambo and Wayne Marshall (2011), and Mr. Rastaman (2022) on Kabaka Pyramid’s Grammy-winning album.

Dancehall aside, Tifa has proven herself to be a real triple threat, bodying lanes as a deejay, singer and rapper. Singing Tifa has given us sweet covers like Benny Mardones’ 1980 hit Into The Night (If I Could Fly) and original ballads like the sultry Inside Me. In her hip-hop, crossover bag, she’s given us big records like Bak It Up, and rapped her tailfeather off on Lyrically Educated. 

There are more songs to list, evidenced by fans commenting other favourites under the post. Tifa’s colleagues also showered her with flowers. 

“Suh dem love TRY downplay people Greatness, But GREAT people Will Always Remain GREAT,” singer G-Whizz said. 

TOK’s Craigy T added, “Dat mi a talk bout. Some a dem have amnesia TPC.”

“Attention span short, yuh affi remind them,” chimed Markus from the Platinum Kids sound system. 


Though her contributions are undefeated, her visibility has decreased over the years for different reasons. Back in 2017, Tifa announced that she was going to retire from music after a tough year which included a court case and personal trials. Despite the announcement, she rolled out her Curry Goat & Champagne debut album in 2018, with the lead single JA Party.

After running the promotion circuit, she seemed to retreat again, later popping out in 2021 with the Dulcie’s Jamaican & Everything restaurant. Based in Florida, the eatery is an ode to her grandmother who operated Miss Dulcie’s, a restaurant in Kingston which had its heyday in the 70s and 80s. The spot closed following her grandmother’s passing in the 90s. 

Tifa returned to Jamaica months ago to promote her latest single Sweet So, and promises new music soon.  

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