“That's Cute,” Jada Kingdom Featured In Pardison Fontaine’s New Music Video

Rumored couple Jada Kingdom and Pardison Fontaine are living it up in the visuals for his new single, That’s Cute. 

Produced by Buddha Bless This Beat, the party track has a video treatment that captures the glittery, fast life of the rapper/songwriter. Madame Twinkle appears towards the end of the video, seemingly a bit inebriated after a turn-up. 

“We’re about to get big drunk, f–k is you talking bout,” Kingdom said while walking in a lobby with the help of Fontaine, holding her up by the waist. 

Separate scenes capture them out and about with a group of people, and another with Kingdom dining by his side. 

The video premiered on Tuesday, a day before he dodged questions centering on his relationship with the Win hitmaker on The Breakfast Club. Fontaine was previously in a two-year relationship with Savage rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Murmour of a split came in May after Stallion was seen hand-in-hand with soccer star Romeli Lukaku, while Fontaine was spotted with Kingdom in September. 

The rappers confirmed their breakup in November with the releases of Stallion’s Cobra and Fontaine’s Thee Person, with the latter mentioning that his affiliation with Kingdom brought out the “Jada Pinkett” in his ex-girlfriend. 

When confronted this week about the nature of his relationship with the IDG1F artist, Fontaine smiled and diverted to the fact that he’s been separated from Stallion for some time.   

From left: Jada Kingdom, Pardison Fontaine, Megan Thee Stallion

“This is why social media is like an illusion,” he said.

“The song comes out and now it’s brand new again. You gotta think about how long we have been separated. You’ve seen other people like months and months ago, this is not new. Like, I’ve been through this process of healing. I’ve done my, alright, this is my reality, we’re going separate (ways). I’ve done taken that time. I guess social media makes it look like it was like this (instantly snaps fingers).”

Fontaine and Kingdom were recently spotted on a cruise that stopped in Jamaica. She’s also shared moments of their outings in her Instagram Story

Months prior, fans were ‘shipping Kingdom and Afrobeats star Burna Boy after they were also seen hanging out. Kingdom’s last public relationship with US rapper Nas EBK ended late last year, but her most known union was with musician Verse Simmonds.

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