Teejay Says Plane Carrying Him, Masicka And Malie Donn Lost An Engine In Guyana

Dancehall artist TeeJay is giving thanks after an airplane transporting him, Malie Donn, and Masicka back from Guyana experienced severe technical difficulties mid-flight.

The Drift artist took to social media to share the scary ordeal. Throughout the video, he repeatedly thanked God for what could have been a fatal encounter.

“God real enuh ‘cause hear wah now, too much star deh pon one plane, zeen? Bro mi jus’ deh pon a plane awhile ago, an’ we deh pon di plane—bro, smoke ah smoke through di window offa di plane inna di sky an’ den di man ah seh one ah di engine dem stop work inna di air,” he relayed.

“Fada God, listen to me—God, yuh real! God nah mek suh much ah wi dead one time, yuh hear mi ah tell yuh?,” Teejay added as he brought Malie Donn into the frame to corroborate the story.

The plane reportedly had to return to Guyana, a decision ‘Chippy’ was very happy about: “…Mi rather dead ah Jamaica! Mi nah dead inna no bl**dcl**t plane inna Guyana.”

He added that it was coincidental that he didn’t fall asleep during the flight as usual. “First mi eva go pon a flight bro an’ mi nuh drop asleep or nutt’n. A God ah work man. Give thanks fi life man. Plane engine stop work inna di sky. Too much star deh pon di plane.”

Masicka later appeared in the frame, seemingly in good spirits.

The entertainers had been guests at the Guyana Cup Super Concert on Sunday night at the popular horse racing track, Rising Sun Turf Club.

By all indications, their sets were well received by the scores of fans who turned out to see the popular Dancehall acts.

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