Teejay On Why He's Singing For The Ladies, And Not The 'Rude Boys'

Dancehall star Teejay says he prefers to write songs for the ladies as opposed to “bad man songs” after having heeded the advice of veterans Shaggy, Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas, and the Girl Dem Sugar Beenie Man.

This revelation came during Teejay’s interview with DJ Davda on the UK’s Kis Fresh, when he was asked about his preference between songs targeting women or those aimed at his rude-boy counterparts.

Teejay replied, “Always the ladies; always the ladies.  Beenie Man tell me that once the ladies love you in Dancehall, you cannot go wrong.  Mr. Vegas show me that; Sean Paul tell me that every day; Shaggy tell me that everyday.  Once the woman them love you in Dancehall, you cannot go wrong.”

He added, “Because you have time when yuh show them sold out, and you don’t even see one Jamaican person at that show.  So you have to think about the people out there in the world who’s going to spend money on your music and who going to cheer for you for the rest of this life you know; who’s going to tell their kids ‘Teejay, J I love him.  That was my artist in my time you know.’”

Teejay’s sentiments are the same as that of his colleague Skillibeng, who, despite gaining notoriety for his tendency to record numerous “gunman songs,” said that it was the women who were his truest fans and the real consumers of his music.

Incidentally, during an interview with British DJ and presenter at Capital Radio Tim Westwood back in April 2022, Skillibeng had said his throngs of doting female supporters were the apple of his eyes.  As a consequence he said he had made it a point of duty to create music to please them.

“I am for the ladies and I made that a special part of my career to always have music for the ladies.  Because without ladies, music is trash.  There is nobody dancing; there is nobody singing along.  Ladies are the persons who really love music.  You know that right?” Skillibeng had said.

“It is the ladies.  You get to a show, there all ladies in the front.  I know how important music for the ladies is, and I enjoy doing it too, because I have a good voice.  I could sing for them sometimes. And I could deejay, you know.  So I give them a lot a lot of mixed feelings a lot a vibes so I have some serious female fans,” he added.

However, Skillibeng’s “girls songs” are unlike those of his peers, which profess love and romance.  His “girls songs” have tended to merge gun-slinging with explaining how much women love “bad men,” songs—Sloppy, She Love Badman and She Love Esyde being prime examples.

In 2002, Shaggy, who has been serving as a mentor to Teejay since he came under the management of Sharon Burke’s Solid Agency in June 2021, released the album Lucky Day, which he had dedicated to paying homage to women globally.

Lucky Day, which was Shaggy’s sixth studio album, included songs such as the anthem Strength of a Woman, Full Control and Hey Sexy Lady.

“We just dedicated the whole album to women.  When I analyze my whole life and what has happened, women have played a very important part,” Shaggy had told CNN’s The Music Room in an interview.

 “Strength of a Woman” is always a crowd favorite, despite the fact that no one has ever heard it really. But it always gets a great response. I think I’m very passionate about that because that was the very first song I wrote for the album. We just kind of dedicated the whole album to women and the uplifting of women. When I analyze my whole life and what has happened, women have played a very important part. I’m from a single-parent family. My mom is like my mom and dad. She’s my world. So (this album is) just me paying homage to ladies all around,” Shaggy had added.

Lucky Day, which was released on October 29, 2002, peaked at No. 24 on the Billboard 200 and later sold gold.   It featured guest appearances from Shaggy’s longtime collaborators, Brian and Tony Gold, as well as Chaka Khan.  

Over the years, Shaggy, who has described himself as “always a ‘gyal artist’ has released albums with titles that reflect his penchant for songs targeting the fairer sex.   Among them are Pure Pleasure, Boombastic, Midnite Lover and  Clothes Drop.

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