Spice Insists She Said “Nothing Bad” About Erica Mena’s Son

Spice took to Instagram on Tuesday, insisting that she said nothing “bad’ about Erica Mena’s son and challenging her critics to specify what, exactly, she had said that was objectionable.

The controversy stems from a recent episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, where Mena overturned a table and hurled both death wishes and racial slurs at Spice. The heated exchange was triggered by Spice’s comment that Mena’s son didn’t like his mother.

“Let me just be very clear. I did not say anything bad about Erica’s son… I didn’t say anything bad about her child”, she told her Instagram followers.

“I really wanted to come and say this so that I can close the door … I’m not gonna keep talking about this.  Because it happened to me I just want to say my little thing and just move on from it.”

“I see people saying don’t come for people’s kids [but] answer the question? What did I say about this child, what bad did I say about the child, what derogatory thing did I say about the child? I did not say anything at all, bad about her son,” the Queen of Dancehall continued.

Spice, whose real name is Grace Latoya Hamilton, criticized those who had formed opinions based solely on snippets of the episode circulating on social media, rather than watching the full footage. She also revealed that both she and Mena were aware that the conversation during their on-screen meeting would touch upon topics such as child support, parenting, and the challenges of being single mothers.

“We went to that table knowing that we are going to have a conversation about parenting, single mother… You name it. Like we know what we’re going to talk about. At no given time do we go into filming not knowing what the situation is, we’re never blindsided,” Spice said.

“So let’s just be very clear that Erica know seh she did a come deh come talk to me bout Amara LaNegra’s kids, she know that she was going to come and talk about parenting, and who is paying child support from who is not paying child support,” she added.

The So Mi Like It artist also took a moment to reflect on her public persona, stating, “I just don’t know how to be that fake person that you want me to be,” and challenging the notion that she had initiated the discussion about Mena’s son. She pointed out that it was Mena who first mentioned her 16-year old, as a single mother of “three children.”

“Don’t make it look like I just get up out of the blue and ah talk about the child and we neva did ah have a conversation about that child because I was literally speaking on her parenting and never nothing bad about that child,” she said. “So please when you’re voicing your opinion, which everybody is allowed to have dem opinion, stop saying I come for the child because mi neva say nuttn bad about that child.”

“She [Erica] was the one to raise the issue and bring up her son, she said ‘I have been doing it for 16 years’ and I replied and said ‘With the son that doesn’t like you’.”

Erica “Disappointed”

Meanwhile, Mena, for her part, expressed disappointment in the unfolding events.

“I can’t lie and say that I’m not disappointed in what transpired between me and Spice. Ever since then, she’s been subbing me, going live. But it doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is her thinking she has a right to speak on my son in any way,” Erica said.

She explained that her ex-husband Safaree has often used what Spice said about her son during their many fights. “When he gets mad, when people call him a deadbeat, that’s the first thing that he says, ‘Oh you’re a deadbeat too, your son don’t like you too, that’s Safaree’s favorite thing to throw in my face,” she revealed.

She noted, however, that her son would rather stay out of the spotlight. “If my kid does not want to be in the limelight, it means I will do whatever the f**k it takes to keep him out of the limelight. My kid has every right to have a private life. She [Spice] crossed a line that should have never been crossed,” she continued.

The episode has had significant repercussions for Mena, who was subsequently fired from the VH1 reality show following her derogatory comments.

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