Some Jamaicans Unhappy With Bellevue CEO Commending Valiant On Sexually Explicit “Mad Out” Song

Some Jamaicans have taken umbrage to reports that CEO of the Bellevue Mental Health Hospital, Suzette Buchanan, has commended Valiant for his song Mad Out, as, according to them, the lyrics of the song are sexually explicit, and do not, in any way, address mental well-being.

On Friday, the Weekend Star reported that Valiant was hailed by Buchanan for “shining a light on mental illness” and was given a tour of the Kingston-based mental facility and invited to give his thoughts on the subject.

But some commenters say they were bewildered by the praises being sung by the CEO, who, according to The Star, says she is a big fan of Valiant, as the lyrical content of the song is centered around women behaving wildly, whilst engaging in taboo sex acts.

In the verses of the song, Valiant notes in verse one that:

“A mad me a mad out
Gyal a get f*ck and a run out a di mad house
A mad me a mad out
Wul mi cup, you nuh see bare gyal a dash out?
A gyal a bend har back, her h*le a get stab out”

In verse two, he adds:

“Dunce, back it up pon mi Burberry shorts
And me f*ck nuff gyal and break every heart
Put money inna her draws if she shake up her ass  
Gyal, just shake up yuh ass  
And mi b*lls inna her mouth, how the f*ck she talk?”

In verse three, he continues:  

“See money yah
See di buddy yah
Tun you pon a backaz, have money inna mi hand
Love it when you s*ck it and yuh sitting on mi j*hn
A dogsh*t, she coulda tun Miss World too
She fulla video, she nasty, she terrible”

On Friday, persons who said they listened to the song in its entirety, pointed out that the lyrics were lewd and in no way, shape or form, address mental illness. 

“I listen to the words of this song and it gives no blasted inspiration to people fighting mental illness,” one man said, while another added: “Then dis mek sense? after the song wasn’t about anything to help mad ppl smh”.

One woman said she was mortified after checking out the song and heard the content.

“Lol 😂 I swear I went to see what it was about and I was so shocked,” she said.

“What awareness can he bring, fi sing sey a mad we mad out, look who we have leading n caring for mentality Ill persons.  Look at what we gone to as country, What is the song saying,” one man said as he berated the CEO’s actions.

Another man, in giving his opinion, in agreeing said that for anyone to say the song was about addressing mental illness was a far cry from the truth, as the song was debauched.

“It’s wasn’t.  But because of public criticism his team figured ‘o well let’s just tell the world that we bringing awareness to mental health” wen it’s publicity stunt, just so they can have some ppl say it’s something good. Not going fool me with that kind of stunt wen the song has nutting about showing mental health awareness,” he said.

Other persons, in expressing sarcasm, said that Valiant ought to be invited to sing the song at the hospital, since the CEO found favor with it.

 “lol jah jah, we Ina trouble enuh… I’d love to see them in invite him to perform this inspirational song for the patients at Bellevue,” one commenter mocked.

“@one_dan1dan you are so correct. He doesn’t sing anything with sense or positive inspiration, but u nuh know a who a him auntie? Anything him put out, better BUSS!! OR ELSE???????????????????????????”

Other commenters said he took issue with Valiant, despite his songs being rife with bellicose lyrics, being given much pride of place.

“We need to stop entertaining his f-ckery,” revision34 said, while kedon_williams added: “I think we need to stop glorify men that contribute to the crime rate with their violent lyrics and their love for scamming and obeah. I’m for these young men eating their food but they have a responsibility to society , with great power come great responsibility and if they are unable to write a song that speaks life into people then maybe they should try something else like go color a book or say the ABC”.

“Absolute madness. This youth is being rewarded despite the fact that he celebrates some very questionable things in the culture,” beckettjohnson6 opined.

Another man said that any narrative being pushed that Mad Out was addressing mental illness must be rejected.

“Well, he knew it would spark controversy, yet the message in the song does not help the crisis one bit. Bravo,” one man said sarcastically before adding: “Yea, saying mi mad is admitting or talking about mental illness? 🙄 He’s capping‼️  How many persons know they are mentally ill? How do we help those people?

“Madness sells in Jamaica and that’s what the people are buying. He saw the opportunity and capitalized on it; not that he cares about fixing it through his music.   This is Jamaica. We glorify madness and make fun of those who are mentally unstable. Have y’all seen TikTok lately?  We continue to disregard the seriousness of mental illness in the country. But I guess anything for the paper. That’s all that matters for these influencers,” he added.

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