Skillibeng Gives Nao ‘Balance’ And 8 More New Songs

Every week our writers at DancehallMag highlight new Jamaican songs and videos you should add to your Reggae, Dancehall, Trap, and R&B playlists.

This week we have new drops from Byron Messia, RajahWild, Popcaan, Bounty Killer, and Spragga Benz among others. Our list starts with Skillibeng in an exciting collaboration with London-born singer Nao.

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Nao featuring Skillibeng – Balance 

Skillibeng blends vocals with East London songbird Nao for this new exuberant Dancehall-Pop-infused club banger, Balance. The singer searches for the Yin to her Yang in the song. “You’re the water, I’m the fire, I need cooling down …” she hankers before the Easyde artist slides through to soothe her needs in classic Dancehall misconduct; “Say you want balance. So me give you c#cky and couple thousand dollar …” The two trade scenes on location in Jamaica for the Shane Creative-directed music video – Check it out below:

Jesse Royal featuring Romain Virgo – Hope

Jesse Royal and Romain Virgo say there is “Hope” for the youths in their new song released last week. Jesse Royal takes aim at the corrupted politicians and the very government, he calls “Mr. Jacket and Tie”, who put “Mossberg” guns in the hands of street kids. Virgo backs up these sentiments, tuning, “Who sign off when di gun dem ship, who’s at the border controlling it? Adding, “You’re living in a pit, yuh a go fall in ah it, please keep di yute dem far from it. Your dirty deeds are for a profit.” The video, directed by Jesse James is a symbolic portrayal of a society under siege by a lone representative of these dishonorable entities.

Barrington Levy, Bounty Killer – Moonlight Lover (Remix) 

In a fresh new take of his 1979 classic, Moonlight Lover, Reggae singer Barrington Levy has teamed up with Dancehall great Bounty Killer for a remix of the track. The song appears on a revised instrumental with Barrington cooing his signature tones as Bounty splices through the original verses to emphasize an infatuation like no other for his “moonlight lover”. Listen more here:

Shane O – Click Click 

Click Click by Shane O is the name of his new track as well as the sound of his loading firearm. The deejay is in a vile and vicious mood and ready for war, dishing his buzzy bars, “Click click, the amount ah gun weh a load up pon di base. Click click, the amount ah shot weh deh yah, we deven have nuh space. Click click, one in a shoes, one in ah mi hand, one pon mi waist …. Click click, Pow!

Byron Messia & IQ – Miss Tight Hole

Dancehall sensation Bryon Messia takes on a new collaboration with Britain-based Jamaican artist IQ (the brother of QQ) in the single Miss Tight Hole.  For this raunchy exchange, produced by Hot Topic Entertainment and ZTekk Records, the two artists ditch euphemisms and elusiveness for candor in all its glory to detail their sexy encounters. Watch more in the video here:

Popcaan – Past Life

Popcaan talks about his come-up in his a video treatment for Past Life. There was a time he said, “Regular me [eat] tough crackers and drink water” to get by. To his listeners, he contends,” If you did know me inna mi past life, me know you wouldn’t want fi be part ah it. If you did know me before the star life, you never woulda ever ever want be di boss wife. The video shot by JeezyJez shows that the struggles are over now. With his mother’s prayers, Poppy goes on, singing, “Dem can’t stop man riches.” 

RajahWild – Motion

RajahWild brings a sizzling new single this week dubbed, Motion – produced by Franc White. In what has become the newcomer’s signature blasé-style flows, he pulls on a one-liner of a familiar schoolyard Ring Game from the past to carry the hook. “Show me your motion…” he sings as he bids his ladies to, among other lewd behaviors, “make it shake.” Check out the Now Or Never-directed music video here: 

Chronic Law – Gun Pon Belly

Produced by Collect Di Bread Entertainment, Chronic Law’s Gun Pon Belly sounds more intimidating than it actually is. In fact, you can catch him rocking and dancing with bae with his “gun pon belly” as they do in the “bad man settings,” portrayed in the music video. The Law Boss switches gears somewhat; instead of his usually gory narratives of blood splatter, talks up his expensive threads and things, and hangs with the females at his villa in this one. Watch here:

Spragga Benz – Another Friend

Spragga Benz, in a loathing dispatch, tackles the friend killers, who he warns will meet their fate sooner than later. The song Another Friend, which appears on the ‘Current Situation Riddim’, probes the minds of these twisted criminals; “How you grow up in the same town on the same street and now you see dem face ‘round when you eyes meet. Cause dem blame you for what went down, ah nuh you dweet? And dem know the real truth but dem playing blind to it. So for all who know, they don’t have very far to go …”  

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