Skatta Burrell Looking Forward To Collecting His Copy Of The Holy Bible From Minister Marion Hall At Reggae Sumfest

Dancehall music producer and Reggae Sumfest Marketing Strategist, Skatta Burrell, earned much taunting from some of his Instagram followers, after stating that he was awaiting his copy of The Holy Bible from Minister Marion Hall, when she performs at the music festival next week.   

On Tuesday, the self-proclaimed atheist, who was once a baptised Christian, posted a photograph of himself and a smiling Hall on his IG page which he said was taken at the time of the former Queen of Dancehall’s arrival in Jamaica.

“Went to the airport to greet Dancehall royalty @ministermarionhall and it was truly an anointing feeling.  Looking forward to collecting my bible at Reggae Sumfest Sunday morning on July 23rd.  God is truly amazing,” the Coolie Dance producer noted.

“Really hope to be washed in the blood and cleansed of my sins,” he later added in response to a commenter.

While some persons accused the Calabar High School old boy of mocking God, others resorted to teasing him about what would happen whenever his hand touches the Good Book.

“Looking forward to collecting your Bible. Mind you burst into flames mi G,” negus_dt jeered, 

“Yuh mean looking forward to kiss😘out her Bible 😂,” one woman added.

“@ministermarionhall, please stay far and throw it in his hand. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,” one man teased, while another piped in:  “Then suppose u collect the bible and the Holy Ghost hold u Skatta.

Since last year, Skatta had been amusing himself by making sarcastic comments, to taunt Christians who flock to his page on Sunday mornings to rebuke him about his ungodliness, sometimes using Hall as fodder to rile up the Followers of Christ. 

In March this year, he had shared a flyer announcing that Minister Marion Hall (formerly Lady Saw), has been booked for Concert Night II at the Reggae festival, in July and that his “prayers have been answered”.

“Unleashing the Powerhouse: Minister Marion Hall at Reggae Sumfest on July 22!” Skatta, Skatta had written on his Instagram page, where he shared a copy of the flyer, featuring Hall in a monochromatic black outfit including a bustier with her bosom pronounced, and embellished with sheer lace fabric which partially shows off her abs.   

That image has also been featured on the cover art for Hall’s new Downsound Records-produced single, I’m Doing Better.

At the launch of Reggae Sumfest 2022, Skatta had said that at one point he attempting to get her to perform at that year’s staging of the festival and “was still open to doing so”, even though he ceased making attempts to woo her to perform at the festival, after coming to the conclusion that she needed time to recalibrate, following her imbroglio with some of her female musical compatriots.

Hall had in turn, declared that she would only perform at Reggae Sumfest if there is a Gospel Night.  The Room in My House artist, who appeared highly amused, had indicated that while she was not averse to performing at the Reggae festival, pointed out that she was quite cognizant that Skatta was trying to “draw her out”.

Hall said that Reggae Sumfest CEO, Joe Bogdanovich, had discussions with her manager regarding the addition of a gospel night on which she would perform.

“Downsound been talking to my manager, about coming on the gospel night.   But how dare you call mi out fi Dancehall night?” she had asked of Skatta.

Prior to that exchange, Skatta had earned the fury of Hall’s Christian fans, after he posted a snippet of her legendary last ever performance at Reggae Sumfest in 2015, as Lady Saw on Instagram, and implored her come to the festival and “minister to the audience”.

Skatta had declared that she was missed by Sumfest, and noted that irrespective of whether or not Hall was doing secular or gospel Dancehall, the genre was where the 53-year-old Grammy Award winner belongs and that she ought not to be pigeonholed into performing or writing for Christians only.

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