Sister Carol, Daughter Nakeeba Revive The 'Movie Star’ Riddim With Sister Nancy, Glen Washington And More

Veteran artist Sister Carol has joined efforts with her daughter Nakeeba Amaniyea to revamp the 1990s Movie Star riddim into the Millenium Movie Star riddim.

According to Sister Carol, this was aimed at offering a fresh spin on the infamous beat. The 14-track Millenium Movie Star project features the likes of Sister Nancy, Glen Washington, Lady G, Lady Ann, Empress Treajah, Tilly Beng and more.

“It came to me by my daughter. She said she heard the original playing one day at my son’s house and it just brought her to this point where she just wanted to do something with that riddim [Movie Star]… [she said] we need to get that riddim going again in a Millenium style,” Sister Carol told DancehallMag.

“So, we came to Jamaica, went to the studio and I selected some top class musicians and they lick some riddims for me. When they did that and me and my daughter recorded our track—Be Alone—I started to ask some of my fellow artists to join me on the project and they all reached out to me with a lot of love and support and it just came together that way.”

Be Alone was released in September 2023, while the entire 14-track set premiered on January 12, 2024.

Meanwhile, Sister Carol said she and her daughter have been receiving a wave of support for the project which they produced.

“It has been very, very positive and more overwhelming than I expected. It has a lot of interesting things like my daughter and I doing a song together then I have Ilawi who is a veteran selector on the riddim also, and his daughter Hempress Sativa is on the riddim,” she explained.

The music icon also touched on how special it was that Sister Nancy contributed to the project.

“Sister Nancy and I are more like sisters for years and we’ve toured a lot together especially in Europe, so when I reached out to her and told her I have the riddim [and told her to] give me a strength, she just give mi a strength and that’s a really big thing for me because Sister Nancy doesn’t really record much for anybody because her song Bam Bam is so big… she did me a special favour as her sister and I deeply ‘appreci-love’ it,” Sister Carole whose real name is Carol Theresa East, said.

On Sister Nancy’s end, she too was beaming at the fact that she helped her ‘sister’ out.

“It was special because it’s sis own. We just do the things weh we do all the time,” Sister Nancy told DancehallMag, adding that it took her less than an hour to voice the track titled Ram Up Ova Deh.

“I know it’s a nice song… it’s Carol’s song and I just did it for her and if she feels like she wants it to mix the way it mix, and it’s right for her, then it’s right for me too,” Sister Nancy said.

In the same breath, Sister Nancy said she is grounded in her roots, irrespective of the new sound the emerging acts have been releasing. The veteran artist said she cannot be swayed in any other direction. 

“To each his own, enuh and everybody a do dem own ting. You can’t expect things to be the same all the time… all of us go through changes in life. The young people are doing what they want to do. We as the pioneers either have to follow dem or stick to what we know is right and I choose to stick to what I know is right,” said Sister Nancy.

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