Singing Melody Examines Vulnerability With 'Fragile' Cover

Here’s what reggae star Singing Melody wants you to know: men fear getting hurt and that vulnerability, if misunderstood, can sometimes doom personal relationships.

And that’s why he believes that his emotionally charged cover of Fragile, recorded originally by Labrinth, can help bridge the divide between the sexes and foster greater understanding.

“I don’t think women understand the pressure that a man has to bear. You have many men ah go through it, pain, emotional turmoil, but dem nah talk. Women need to understand that men, even though we project a tough exterior, we are vulnerable, we are Fragile,” Singing Melody said.

“This track speaks to the inner vulnerabilities and battles, and that need for connection that we can relate to. When I heard this song for the first time, it spoke to me in a really deep way because I was going through my own struggles.”

The Want You Back singer believes that there could be a potentially big payoff in relationships if couples take the time to rethink how they view the male role in a union.

“Men and women have forgotten that their purpose is to serve each other. Men need love and support. The wives know that husbands need their support but are uncertain how to address the issues do to male insecurities.”

Singing Melody believes that society forces men to project strength at all times, sometimes with disastrous results.

“The problem is that with the ego that men have, they are afraid to show emotion because women will think they’re weak. Women are the most powerful beings, they can manipulate and break kings, or provide the support to build kings,” he said.

The track, which has been officially released through online platform, Distrokid, delves deep into the fragility of human emotions and the vulnerability that human beings sometimes experience.

Sociologists believe that men often do things to prove their manhood to others, particularly when they feel their manhood is under threat, and that can doom relationships.

Singing Melody poses with his special guests, Nature Ellis (left) and Delly Ranks (right) during Singing Melody’s birthday party at Club Eclipse on Saturday in Newark, New Jersey.

“This song, Fragile, encourage women to stop and think about how they relate to their men. Instead of using independence to break a man, use it to prepare yourself for the right man. To be the foundation in a relationship about building a future together It takes a woman to build the King, a Queen can make moves that the king can’t, but the king needs to be protected and nurtured too,” he said.

Singing Melody, whose real name is Everton Hardweare, entered the music scene in the mid-1980s and scored some hits, including a cover of Surface’s Shower Me with Your Love. He made it big internationally with the success of Want You Back in 1999, which helped to take the album Sweeter (Fat Eyes/VP Records) up the charts. The video for the song reached number two on the MTV2 playlist. The song was named Song of the Year at the Reggaesoca Music Awards in the early 2000s. Other hits which followed included Let it Flow and Say What.

As a member of LUST (with singers Lukie D, Thriller U, and Tony Curtis) Singing Melody has had chart successes with Just as I Am and Sweetness of Your Love.

The artist is also a serial entrepreneur who has started several companies with his wife. Among these are Villa Mimosa Jamaica, which has grown into a luxury five-star villa, and more recently the launch of the H R H Mimosa yacht, a 55ft luxury charter based in Montego Bay Jamaica.

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