Shenseea’s 30 Best Songs, Ranked

Jamaican singer Shenseea, who turns 27 today (October 1), continues to shake up the conversation around Dancehall and push boundaries in her quest to break into the international market.

Her journey began in 2016 with the release of her debut single, Jiggle Jiggle, followed by the breakout hit Loodi in 2017, a collaboration with Dancehall star Vybz Kartel. Over the years, Shenseea has amassed an extensive music catalog, featuring collaborations with artists such as Kanye West, Chris Brown, Gwen Stefani, and Megan Thee Stallion. In this article, we have rounded up 30 of her most notable solo singles and lead collaborations.

30. Bad Habit (2020)

Shenseea’s confession of her provocative desires came through in “Bad Habit.” The catchy flow on a minimalistic beat garnered attention during quarantine, and she would take the production for another spin when she dropped a rendition of Bad Habit on the Don’t Rush Freestyle a year later.

Producer: Romeich Entertainment 
Album/Riddim: The Bad Habit Riddim

29. Dolly (2022)

Shenseea caused quite a stir last year by releasing Dolly, in which she boldly declares her confidence and beauty, leaving no room for apologies. The Blessed singer rallied dancers/ reality stars and the self-proclaimed “Dolls”, Prettii Prettii, TC, and Rebel, along with Dancehall starlet Moyann for memorable cameos in the music video.

Producer: Jordan McClure (Chimney Records), Romeich Entertainment 
Album/RiddimUpstairs Riddim 

28. Deserve It

In a determined effort to bring “a whole new sound and vibe” to her ALPHA album, Shenseea tapped American writer Andrew Green and longtime collaborator/producer Rvssian for the creation of the R&B and Dancehall-tinged, Deserve It. Shenseea, excited to have “unlocked a different side of her voice” on the track, eagerly debuted Deserve It on Jimmy Kimmel Live – her first late-night TV appearance, a week before her album dropped.

Producer: Tarik ‘RVSSIAN’ Johnston (Head Concussion Records) 
Album/Riddim: Alpha

27. Upset (2020)

Upset is a dedication to her haters, where Shenseea boldly asserts her blessings and unstoppable nature. It remains one of the most streamed tracks on the the Chimney Records-produced riddim.

Producer: Jordan McClure (Chimney Records)
Album/Riddim: Style A Style Riddim

26. Trick’a Treat (2020)

Shenseea, in another rhythmic release titled Trick’A Treat, playfully portrays herself as a decadent treat. The vibrant visuals and catchy lyrics on the Aircraft Riddim resonated well with fans.

Producer: Jordan McClure (Chimney Records), Romeich Entertainment 
Album/Riddim: Aircraft Riddim

25. Nothing Dem Nuh Have Ova Mi (2017)

In this early single, Shenseea exudes confidence, claiming to possess all the qualities one could desire. In fact, the music video for Nothing Dem Nuh Have Ova Mi would find her snatching any man her heart desires to upgrade them from their current beau.

Producer: Romeich Entertainment, DJ Frass Records 
Album/Riddim Crazy Glue Riddim

24. Sure Sure (2020)

Sure Sure features sexy visuals and a Reggae-Soul vibe, highlighting Shenseea’s ability to bring freshness to her music.

Producer: Tarik ‘RVSSIAN’ Johnston (Head Concussion Records)
Album/Riddim: N/A

23. Lick with Megan Thee Stallion (2022)

Despite controversy and a legal dispute, Lick, featuring Megan Thee Stallion, became Shenseea’s highest-charting track as a lead artist in the US, peaking at No. 20 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100.

Producer/s: Murda Beatz, Joseph L’Étranger BoogzDaBeast Tobias Wincorn
Album/Riddim: Alpha

22. Run Run (2021)

Run Run offered an old-school Dancehall-inspired sound with stunning visuals that garnered millions of views and trended in various countries.

Producer: Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor
Album/Riddim: n/a

21. The Sidechick Song – 2020

Inspired by a true storyThe Sidechick Song explores a love triangle, featuring a dramatic music video and emotional storytelling. It is one of Shenseea’s best-streamed singles to date, now at over 28 million views on YouTube.

Producer: Attomatic Records, Romeich Entertainment
Album/Riddim: n/a

20. Sun Comes Up (2022) 

Sun Comes Up, which lends songwriting credits to Shenseea’s six-year-old son Rajerio Lee, is an inspirational, upbeat song about perseverance and hope. In an endearing mother-and-son moment, an audio clip of Raj giving her directives on how she should deliver her lyrics, serves as the outro. 

Producer: Tarik ‘RVSSIAN’ Johnston
Album/Riddim: Alpha

19. Henkel Glue with Beenie Man (2022) 

Henkel Glue, which has elements of Steelie and Clevie’s Gi-Gi Riddim, finds Shenseea and veteran deejay Beenie Man in a committed love affair. They’re each other’s everything and more, with Beenie Man raving, “true yuh tight like henkel glue mygirl,” and professing that “till the end ah just me and you”. Their exchange flows in exciting Dancehall fashion and as such, was hailed as one of the best songs on her ALPHA album.

Producer: Jordan McClure (Chimney Records), Banx & Ranx
Album/Riddim: Alpha

18. Curious (2023)

Her first release of 2023, Curious was a rhythmic, Dancehall-infused banger where Shenseea confessed her desires for women, complemented by a visually captivating music video.

Producer/s: London on da Track, Beam, Fred Ball, Blak$ale, Al Cres
Album/Riddim: n/a

17.  Body Count (2022)

Shenseea’s Body Count explored the topic of past lovers, delivered with smooth vocals and a confident attitude. She tells a suitor not to fuss over her number of past lovers but instead step up to the plate when they connect in the bedroom.

Producer: Jordan McClure (Chimney Records)
Album/Riddim: Alpha

16. Tie Me Up (2018)

Shenseea left quite the impression with Tie Me Up in the Cinema God-directed music video. The song is one of her earlier projects to have scored views over the 10-million threshold on YouTube.

Producer: Romeich Entertainment 
Album/Riddim: Time Machine Riddim

15. Love I Got For U (2018)

Love I Got For U, produced by the Florida-based imprint Unified Pacific Entertainment, came with a stunning music video shot in Miami, which has since raked in more than 32 million YouTube views.

Producer: Unified Pacific Entertainment 
Album/Riddim: n/a

14. Limited Edition (2019)

In the video for Limited Edition, Shenseea makes a cameo, allowing her resident dancers to shine in the clip.

Producer: Romeich Entertainment 
Album/Riddim: Limited Edition Riddim 

13. Temptation Overdrive (2019)

In Temptation Overdrive, which finds her bowing under the urge to cheat, Shenseea not only demonstrated slick lyrical delivery but also some improved songwriting abilities. It was a relatable song for fans on Chimney’s Fresh Paint riddim.

Producer: Jordan McClure (Chimney Records)
Album/Riddim: Fresh Paint Riddim

12. Bad Alone (2020)

Bad Alone demonstrated Shenseea’s hardcore style and confidence, with a video featuring her handling artillery props. The singer talked a big talk, in verses like, “Me is a gyal weh nuh fraid fi talk, and mi nuh ‘fraid fi buss gun.”

Producer: Rayon ‘Slyda Di Wizard’ Curate (Romeich Entertainment)
Album/Riddim: Internet Badness Riddim 

11. Shen Ex Anthem (2022)

Shen Ex Anthem featured Shenseea scolding a low-life (drankro) ex, delivering feisty lines that resonated with her Jamaican fan base.

Producer: Romeich Entertainment
Album/Riddim: Alpha

10. Hard Drive with Konshens (2018)

The Hard Drive song and video brought exciting dance vibes and great synergy between Shenseea and Konshens.

Producer: Tarik ‘RVSSIAN’ Johnston
Album/Riddim: Bashment Time Riddim 

9. Trending Gyal (2019)

In Trending Gyal, Shenseea exudes independence and inspires her listeners to be confident and unapologetic. The track became a political campaign song for the Opposition People’s National Party’s (PNP) candidate and Member of Parliament for South East St Ann, Lisa Hanna.

Producer: Rayon ‘Slyda di Wizard’ Curate, Romeich Entertainment
Album/Riddim: Braff Riddim 

8. Rebel (2020)

Rebel empowered women to stand on their own, with a music video showcasing an assertive performance from Shenseea.

Producer: Zum (Good Good Production)
Album/Riddim: Liquid Sunshine Riddim

7. Pon Mi (2018)

Shenseea, in the RD Studio-directed film for Pon Mi, showed just how comfortable she was in front of the camera. Bringing a provocative narrative about her “weighty” lady parts to life, Shenseea gave audiences an entertaining show in the visuals.

Producer: Mario ‘Dunw3ll’ Dunwell
Album/Riddim: n/a

6. Loodi with Vybz Kartel (2016)

Loodie, Shenseea’s breakout hit with Vybz Kartel, remains a fan favorite today even after its 7-year release. A feisty 19-year-old Shenseea proved then that she could hold her own, as Kartel carried the catchy hook. The music video, which was directed by RD Studios, now stands at over 41 million views. 

Producer: Elvis Redwood (So Unique Records)
Album/Riddim: Loodi Riddim 

5. ShenYeng Anthem (2018)

ShenYeng Anthem empowers listeners to step out and “gwan bad,” but the music video sparked some controversy over cultural appropriation. In an attempt to pay homage to her Asian heritage, Shenseea, who is of Korean descent, was criticized for her portrayal of Asian people. The song also inspired Shenseea’s annual celebration dubbed ‘Yeng Day’ on May 20, 2021, that aims to give back to the die-hard fans who have supported her throughout her career.

Producer: Jordan McClure (Chimney Records)
Album/Riddim: Rice Grain Riddim 

4. Can’t Anymore (2022)

Can’t Anymore exhibited some smooth and svelte vocals from Shenseea. The hypnotic-sounding song, which details a salacious ‘afterparty in the car,’ on a mid-tempo R&B/Hip-Hop production, makes for perfect club music.  

Producer: London On Da Track
Album: Alpha 

3. Good Comfort (2020)

In this Dancehall-infused R&B single, Shenseea told listeners she’s got the “good comfort”. The visually enticing music video, is one of her best-performing on YouTube.

Producer: DJ FrassRomiech Entertainment 
Album/Riddim: Lock Down Riddim 

2. Lighter with Tarrus Riley (2020)

Lighter with fellow musician Tarrus Riley brought a major spotlight on Shenseea for her vocals. The track’s addictive hook carried by Shen sparked the #LighterChallenge on social media, which found fans and celebrities alike, putting their best efforts forward in recording a rendition of the song. 

Producer: Tarik ‘RVSSIAN’ Johnston (Head Concussion Records)
Album/Riddim: Healing (Tarrus Riley)

1. Blessed with Tyga (2019)

Released in 2019, Blessed with American rapper Tyga remains Shenseea’s biggest hit. In April 2022, the song, co-written by Shenseea, Theron Thomas, Sam Sumser, Sean Small, and Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, earned a Gold certification in Canada. It is her second-highest streaming track on YouTube, with more than 64 million views.

Producer/s: Tarik ‘RVSSIAN’ Johnston (Head Concussion Records)
Album: Alpha

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