Shenseea To Drop More Dancehall Music This Year: 'I'm Spoiling You Guys'

Shenseea is yielding to the constant fan requests for dancehall music. 

The multi-genre artist shared the news after being bombarded with pleas for the “old Shenseea” during a recent Instagram Live. 

“I have some dancehall songs for you guys,” the Rebel singer said. “This year, I’m spoiling you guys… We’re gonna have some fun.”

But she’s still going to pursue her interest in doing other genres. In a previous stream, Shenseea spoke about her upcoming album, which will host “a mixture of vibes”, much like her debut album, Alpha (2022). The project peaked at number two on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. It was also the second best-selling album by a Jamaican artist that year, copping 63,000 units in combined sales and streams in The States, according to Billboard’s sales tracker Luminate. 

“Mi a give unno everything pon the album and unno a go tek it…” she said.

“Unno a get dancehall on the album, unno a get likkle bit of RnB and unno a go listen it too… I’m thinking about if I should put pop on this album. I’m not sure where it fits in, but I might change my mind and put a little sprinkle-sprinkle in it. I have a rock song too. I’m not in love with it, but I might put it on.”


Defending the range of her artistry, she continued, “Y’all getting everything because unno nah go kill mi versatility… If mi waan sing, mi a go sing. If mi waan deejay, mi a go deejay. If mi waan rap, mi a go rap.”

In recent years, Shenseea has been giving fans an inkling of her artistic dimensions with audio-visual projects including Lick (featuring Megan Thee Stallion), Be Good, Run Run and You’re the One I Love. She’s also done collaborations with Kanye West, Major Lazor, The Chainsmokers and Major Lazor, and fiery freestyles that have been picked up by American blogs. 

Though she’s said doing the same genre can become mundane, she is excited about one particular record, Tap Out, which she described as a dancehall treat for her OG Shenyeng fans. The single was produced by Chimney Records, her longtime collaborators who are also behind some of her dancehall tracks like Trick’a Treat, Upset, Dolly, and Henkel Glue with Beenie Man.

Chimney Records’ producers Jordan McClure (left) and David Hayle

One viewer commented that she should return to dancehall, but Shenseea said she never abandoned the genre.

“You guys are funny,” she said. “I didn’t leave, I was just like, Jesus, let me be an artist. Let me have fun with the craft.”

Ironically, it seems she only has fun when working on music in Jamaica. Shenseea agreed with one fan that “American pressure” has been interfering with her creative process. 

“I think so,” she said. “It’s just something inna di f**king air over here enuh, big and serious.”

She supported this by comparing her experience working in Jamaica last month.

“I went to Jamaica and mi a tell yuh bro, like, I did two new songs and I find that I write better when I’m in Jamaica, for some reason,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s because I’m home and I feel so much love there, and I feel appreciated when I’m in the environment. Like, I don’t know, I’m in the zone when I go to Jamaica and write.”

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