Shenseea Spent Christmas Day With Tarrus Riley

Jamaican singer Shenseea is back home for the holidays, and spent Christmas Day with Lighter collaborator Tarrus Riley

The ‘ShenYeng’ principal captured moments of their outdoorsy par in her Instagram Stories, first extending thanks to the She’s Royal hitmaker for hosting her family for Christmas. 

Upon opening the gate to his St. Thomas abode, Shenseea was greeted by an energetic white Akita dog being restrained by Riley.

“Oh my God,” she fawned over the canine before a background voice warned of his potential bite.

“Dog love me enuh…he’s beautiful,” she said.

The three – man, woman, and dog – embraced as practically as they could before Riley asked for a minute to put him away before heading out with Shenseea. 

She stopped by the popular roadside Roselle Waterfalls during their adventure, where she got her feet and braids wet. The singer was soon drenched in the healing properties of the parish’s Mineral Bath, with Riley’s voice never too far in the background. In one clip, he was heard telling her to try the cold water then move to the hot spring, which she obliged after snapping cute videos. 

He also checked in on her as she got a sulfur clay massage moments before she took a dip with her son Rajeiro Lee. 

As for food, a backyard with people “running a boat” proved to be the setting for the Christmas feast.

“Weh mi soup deh?” the Good Comfort singer joked with one of the servers. “Good day everybody. Merry Christmas.”

She eventually got her cupful and was in a cheerful mood, dancing to music by her Romeich Entertainment family, Valiant. She also attempted Dancing Rebel’s viral ‘Rum Behaviour’ choreography. The dancer is also signed to Romeich Entertainment. 

After one move too many, she settled down to eat some food with her son. Satisfied with the day, she called Riley in frame to express her gratitude. 

A scene from Tarrus Riley, Shenseea and Rvssian’s ‘Lighter’ music video.

“Thank you for having me,” she told him, before the two broke out in a quick a capella of their 2020 smash. Produced by Jukeboxx, Lighter (featuring Rvssian) has racked up 93 million YouTube views and 19 million Spotify streams.

Their final snap saw the Order of Distinction recipient educating her on the uses of a cherry tree’s bark.

“The bark of the cherry (tree) is good for your throat, so, singers, find a cherry tree and scrape off some of the bark and mek it dry,” he shared. “When you boil it, it red like the cherry and you will sing lalalala… It’s good for your throat.”

Shenseea had to cancel several shows in 2019 after suffering vocal cord trauma, and was even told by a doctor that she’d probably never be able to sing again.

She overcame that hurdle, only to lose her mother the following year. The loss inspired her relocation to the United States.

“I know you guys hear me talk about this a lot, but the death of my mom was really traumatising for me and I couldn’t stay there,” Shenseea revealed in September. “I moved from where we were living at the time and it was still like, you know, it was still too much. So, I just left the country and brought my baby and my little core family with me, and we just took off and said that yow, we’re gonna start over and tuh, this is the start.”

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