Shenseea Says She And Rvssian Have Mended Their Relationship: “Now We're Good”

Shenseea says she has patched up a two-year rift with producer Rvssian, under whose Rich Immigrants label she is signed in partnership with Interscope Records.

This comes after Rvssian revealed earlier this month that he and the Blessed singer weren’t seeing “eye to eye” about her music.

Speaking on the Let’s Be Honest podcast on Sunday, Shenseea explained that they had a misunderstanding, after which she unfollowed him on Instagram, but according to her, it wasn’t that serious. 

“Yuh know me an’ Rvssian nuh really have no beef, honestly, and that is why mi coulda just get up and follow him the next day when mi see everything gwaan,” she said.

“We had a misunderstanding, and I’m a female, suh mi aguh get inna mi feelings. He was right, we haven’t spoken for two years, but now we’re good,” she further explained. “I personally didn’t that it was of a magnitude where it’s like, oh, yuh know seh we really nah deal. Me personally a look pon it like we have a business relationship and just like every relationship yuh haffi tek a likkle break.”

Rvssian co-produced four tracks on Shenseea’s debut album, Alpha, released in 2022. However, according to him, their disagreement had caused a communication breakdown. “Me nuh wish nuh bad on [Shenseea], even though me and her nuh talk. I still approve everything, all of them expensive videos, I still approved. I never stopped a song. It’s just that in this moment in time, we not seeing eye to eye,” he had said.

Despite the recent reconciliation, Shenseea remained coy when asked about future collaborations. “We’ll see. It’s a surprise,” she said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Shenseea revealed that there was lots of discord on her team, which includes co-manager Romeich Major, A&R Donny ‘Dizzy Clean Face’ Flores, and others.

“Last year it was really difficult because I feel like me and Romeich [Major], like, we both lost control over what we wanted to put out. So, this year, we have a lot more leniency,” she told Jaii Frais.

“A lot of people joined the team… a whole lot of new people and since then, behind the scenes it’s just been fighting… we weren’t really working cohesively and mi feel like this year we understand each other and we have more leniency and power and control, now. That is why me and Romeich seh, ‘Hit and Run— we aguh drop dis,” Shenseea explained.

Hit and Run was released last Friday, and sees the singer, collaborator Masicka and producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor raking in almost 3 million views on YouTube, so far. In fact, the first million came less than 24 hours after the premiere.

Shenseea further said that up to the new song’s release, there were several differences in opinions about what she should have released.

“Before, it was like, ‘we want her to be this. So, let’s pair her with this type of song’ and that’s what was happening,” the 27-year-old said in the interview.

She reiterated that she hasn’t abandoned her roots, and promised that she will be releasing tracks on authentic ‘juggling’ rhythms.

“Mi ready enuh. Mi love juggling enuh. Remember seh nuff a my song dem weh a hit come from juggling… Shenyeng Anthem was a juggling. I’m on some juggling coming up for 2024,” Shenseea said.

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