Shenseea, Masicka And Di Genius Team Up On New Song 'Hit & Run'

Shenseea, Masicka, and producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor have served up a catchy new track titled Hit & Run.

The track was released under Rich Immigrants/Interscope on Friday, along with an official music video that has already surpassed 800,000 views. The song’s storyline sees Shenseea explaining to her former fling, Masicka, that she wasn’t interested in a committed relationship, but appreciated their rendezvous. Masicka, on the other hand, is missing their intimacy.

Yuh think yuh coulda get inna mi feelings? Yuh couldn’t get mi fi settle down, mi gi yuh a hit and run— mi gi yuh a hit and run,” Shenseea boldly states. “Mi did only want likkle dealings, love yuh did a look yuh mussi dumb, mi gi yuh a hit and run, mi gi yuh a hit and run…” 

In his response, the Genahsyde deejay accused Shen of being heartless for her actions:

Long story short, yuh pu**y good and done, Heaven mi see when yuh pull yuh draws down, call call yuh phone, mi want some, dial tone again yuh heart numb. A wicked yuh wicked ‘bout hit and run, get the bricks yuh level up, can’t style me though me up, but mi miss when we a f**k.”

Masicka, Shenseea and Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor

Music supporters are labeling this as Shenseea’s return to her Dancehall roots.

Hundreds of them have expressed jubilation on social media for a track that ‘sounds like her’ and not any of the foreign genres she’s been experimenting with.

“Shensea welcome back! Hit and Run with masicka is a good look,” one fan tweeted this morning.

“Shenseea new song is a replay ! don’t play with her,” another said.

Added another: “Long time me no pull up a shenseea song so much…dis nice”

The track also has online users questioning why the 27-year-old singer ever decided to experiment with international genres since she’s so good at Dancehall.

“Shenseea is very beautiful with a fantastic voice idk why she want turn rapper like ???”

It’s fair to say that Shenseea might be staying true to her word about spoiling her fans this year. During a recent Instagram Live, the singer revealed that she had tons of Dancehall tracks in the archives.

“I have some dancehall songs for you guys,” she said in the live. “This year, I’m spoiling you guys… We’re gonna have some fun.”

She was however quick to say that she’s not abandoning her versatility, and declared that her sophomore album will feature, “likkle bit of RnB.” She’s also contemplating adding a bit of Pop.

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