Shelly Ann Curran: “Where Is The Support For Medikk?”

Booking agent and social media influencer Shelly Ann Curran has made an impassioned appeal to the entertainment fraternity to drum up support for quick intervention in the missing person case of emerging Dancehall artist Medikk.

“Put down your egos, this is a missing person, a co-worker, artists, members of the industry need to post her and continue to post her on their social media handles. They work with her, do business with her, even if yu didn’t know her. Post her, keep her name in atmosphere, we want her home alive,” Shelly Ann Curran, Medikk’s former booking agent, said.

“The entertainment fraternity should at least unify, it could be anyone of us, especially the females, where is the support for Medikk?”.

Reports are that the artist’s mother had to be sedated this week as her daughter’s disappearance has exacted a heavy psychological and physical toll on her health.

“An official report on Medikk’s disappearance was made on Friday by friends. On Saturday, her mother came in and returned to the station on Monday for an update but there is nothing new yet, it is taking a toll on her, she had to be sedated,” Curran, who is known for her popular Teatime talk show, said.

Curran, who was Medikk’s booking agent prior to signing with her new management team, is also speaking on behalf of the family.

“I was in touch with her two weeks ago to come on my show, and I have always kept in touch with her. She was a pleasant girl, very ambitious, going places,” she said.

Curran revealed that the mother was struggling emotionally with her daughter’s disappearance.

“She is not functioning well, and her blood pressure skyrocketed. She is not strong financially, and up to now, there is no suspect identified in the case,” she said.

Medikk, whose real name is Stephany Williams, has been missing since last week.

She is known for songs such as Money Feelings and a collaboration with Shane O titled Overcome.

She also owns a manufacturing and distribution company called Rheborn Holistic, which makes natural, personal care and skin care items.

Williams, 29, is of brown complexion, slim build and about five-feet seven-inches tall.

Reports from the Constant Spring police are that Williams left home some time on Thursday afternoon and has not been seen since. At the time, she was wearing a black blouse, black tights and a pair of black shoes. All attempts to contact her have failed.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Stephany Williams is asked to contact the Constant Spring Police at 876-924-1421, the 119 police emergency number or the nearest police station.

According to Curran, the circumstances surrounding Medikk’s disappearance, were “strange”.

“Medikk was preparing for a video shoot for Friday. She was preparing with her make up team. She got a call from her management on Thursday to say the video shoot date change in a rapid rush. Speaking with the sister, who was on a video call with her on the day in question.When the sister went to Medikk’s apartment, she left half of the food on the bed and the fan was on as if she was in an unholy rush to go to this shoot,” she said.

Anecdotal reports are that Medikk was supposed to make a guest appearance in Malie Donn’s video shoot, so when she went missing, friends gave the information to the police.

“Did she make it to Malie Donn’s shoot? When we start to get those answers, we will have an idea where Stephany has gone. Someone came to pick her up and she was told that management was sending a car for her, and from there, there has been no communication with her. We pray for her return,” Curran said.

Malie Donn’s management told DancehallMag that they had no knowledge of the case, and the artist was out of the country at the time of Medikk’s disappearance.

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