Rygin King To Have Birthday Concert On TikTok This Sunday

Rygin King will be having a TikTok concert on Sunday to celebrate his 29th birthday.

The trap Dancehall artist, whose actual birthday is on the 22nd, is slated to perform for 90 minutes with a live band. 

“Anyweh unno deh inna the world, unno can forward and come support the movements…” he said in a promotional video. “Performance time a from 9pm, the event a start from 7pm to 12…”

Fans are being asked to register by clicking the link for the event in his TikTok bio, @ryginkingofficial_rtr. While registration is free, they can show their support through taps, roses, and other TikTok gifts. 

Presented by his Rygin Trap Records label, the event will also feature guest acts, though the Tuff hitmaker was tight-lipped about the roster during a livestream with comedian Swiss Lee. 

“Rygin a go deh deh, that is enough fi dem know – dancehall baddest thing,” he said. 

Describing it as the “TikTok Sumfest”, the St. James native is planning to deliver a high-quality production using TikTok’s live studio. 

“This has never been done on TikTok by a Jamaican artist still… Everything a go live ‘round. Audio ‘go sound right. Camera dem ‘go look good. Ting a go tough.” 

The How Me Grow deejay is no stranger to hosting events on the social media platform. Earlier this year, he held a talent show three days a week, which also allowed fans to access his tour merch. 

Undeniably one of the most celebrated and talked about local acts of 2018 following his breakout performance at Reggae Sumfest, King has distinguished himself with the trap dancehall sonic heard on tunes like Learn, Things Go Change and Paranoid. The music landscape has evolved since his big debut, with King acknowledging the power of social media in expanding his reach. 

“Yuh remember how Gully Bop buss?” he argued. “A one man go round a di mechanic shop and video him and the video reach, so, the world digital yah now. A from dem time deh things a change where it don’t take a man fi go in a studio again and a man fi carry a man go someweh and say, ‘Yow, a this man a di next thing’, cause usually a so it used to go. A recommendation used to buss people, not even talent more while… And then dancehall baddest thing, who dem say, come turn round the thing one a di time dem.”

The entertainer is learning to walk again after a gun attack left him paralysed in 2020. His 2022 debut album, Therapy, was inspired by his rehabilitation, a theme that will continue on his upcoming album titled Recovery

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