Ricky Frass Returns As Mayzen

By no means is he a newcomer to the music space but a lyrical returnee not starting from scratch but starting from experience dancehall artist Mayzen has emerged from his hiatus.

Mayzen, previously known as Ricky Frass, born Ricardo Orlando Fowler, is a Clarendon native first gained musical attention in 2012 when he recorded the track Tiad on the Boardhouse Records released project Big Dog riddim but has long moved on from the now defunct label that was co-owned by dancehall artist Agent Sasco and his brother Gareth Campbell.

“Mi wah fi be a column inna dancehall and a household name inna the whole Jamaica and the wider diaspora and know say mi tour the world like everybody else,” he affirmed.

He is now embarking on a fresh start to propel his career and identified that a name change, among other things, was integral to that process. Mayzen has also affirmed that his return will not see him acquiescing to the taboo and unsavory content that characteristizes many contemporary dancehall artistes who sing about just about anything to maintain relevance but he will be a force to be reckoned with nonetheless.

“The dancehall scene has changed to a more trap sound and dem we a hear some artist and fi tell you the truth, three quarter a dem artiste yah not even 25% a mi level now inna music so if they can do it why can’t we?” Mayzen reasoned.


“The inspiration is always intrinsical because you know the dream never stop fi we and we never accomplish it like how we wanted it so we back on the journey trying to do just that then yu know a lot of people from time to time who believe inna Mayzen and what he does been asking how comes mi no get the break yet so mi jus out here a try to accomplish that,” he said.

He said he remained active in music even while he was absent from the limelight.

“While we been behind the scenes we never stop do music inno, we just never a do no promotion like that because you know promotion and dem thing deh costly so we just sit back and learn the biz, new approach we did a get dem thing deh together and know say there is a formula to the thing  and we jus a try fi get it right, so over the time when we deh pon the hiatus mi did just a try fi see how we can make this thing happen seamlessly,” he said.

He said he is now the complete package.

“The sound has evolved over the period of time I have been absent from the music scene. I took the time out to master the craft, craft 100% mastered where as in vocal wise, recording wise delivery wise, performance wise, everything just get wiser, everything plug in now, fans have to know a the complete package now, nothing no left off,” he said.

Apart from the motivation and drive to please himself and his fans, he admitted that he is also motivated by his family.

“About a year ago I went to a family reunion and thru everybody know me a artiste inna the family dem always a look fi hear the thing dem, dem a ask me wha a gwaan fi the music career? And then me uncle tek mi aside and a say him no wah pass on before him hear a big song from me inno, mek sure you go out deh go do it inno because three quarter a dem man yah dem no deh nowhere near your level,” he shared.

 “ In my growth and maturity as a recording artist and songwriter I took  the decision to change my name from Ricky Frass to MayZen (May – expressing possibilities – Zen – peacefully calmly).Under the persona of MayZen I have penned several powerful thought-provoking tracks; tracks that give insight to a young man’s  thoughts, and dreams, that portrays life in Jamaica which is captured in my first musical release as MayZen entitled Better Way which will open your eyes, ears and mind to mine and many others reality in Jamaica,” he said.

“ How mi come up with the name mi did have a slang weh mi a say half man, half amazing so when me check the levels mi always a say mazing so me say to myself mi like da mazing something deh and me decide fi work with it,” he said.

He also pointed out that his growth is evident in his music.

“The growth from then to now is now night to day if you check the levels. Maybe then I was just 10 per cent of an artiste but if you check the works now you will see that mi grow to like a thousand per cent, no comparison to then and now,” he reasoned.

Though confidence is at an all-time high he did admit that he has not escaped the challenges many new artistes face daily in their pursuit for musical greatness.

“ The challenges that a young artiste face will always be there because many times you have to be your own manager, your own pr, and you have to be your own financier and everything inna dancehall, it takes a lot of money. One of the biggest challenges is to stay motivated,” he admitted.

Mayzen is currently working with Sky Level Entertainment locally and Litt Citi Entertainment based in Atlanta Georgia.

His latest single is Best Life.

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