Reece Dry Uses Tupac's Famous Chevy Impala In New 'Mankind' Dancehall Video

El Gringo boss Reece Dry will be releasing a new music video for his label artist Jah Tee which features the late rapper Tupac’s famous 1961 Chevrolet Impala.

The single, Mankind, was produced by El Gringo Records and Seanizzle Records.

“I wanted to bring a totally different style to Jamaica, and its viewers. A lowrider is not something we typically see in the world of dancehall, and it will definitely catch the eye of rap lovers and Tupac fans…to be able to have such an iconic car in the Mankind video is amazing, it’s like the Mona Lisa,” Reece Dry, chief executive officer of El Gringo Records, said.

“The video is full of lowrider scenes which puts a real LA twist on things,” he added.

Reece shot the music video in Long Beach, California with the assistance of car enthusiast ‘Long Beach Lloyd,’ who now owns the car and is a prominent figure in the lowriding scene in California.

“The music video also features scenes with LA rapper King Dreaux and Cali sensation Kitti 420 Bratz. The song will be released in the next four weeks,” Dry said.

Rap enthusiasts will recall that in Tupac’s To Live & Die in L.A 1996 music video, the late rapper cruised through the streets of Los Angeles in a yellow-colored 1961 Chevy Impala. The late American rapper and actor is widely considered as one of the most significant and influential rappers of all time, and he was known for his lyrics that spoke about social issues plaguing the communities of inner cities and the plights of inequality.

“As for the song itself, Jah Tee has his own style, and there is nobody who has a similar flow. The record label believes we have an impactful song coming. Seanizzle is looking forward to this international collaboration, after his last hit song, Nadg’s We a Run e Grung,” Dry said.

Jah Tee was the first major act signed to the El Gringo Label.

Dry also revealed that the Impala, which is rumoured to be worth in the region of US $1 million dollars will be given away in 2024 to one lucky subscriber on Lloyd’s Instagram, (@Longbeach_lloyd).

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