RDX Tensions Still High Following Strictly 2k Appearance

Tensions are high again between the former RDX members Delomar and Renigad following a recent incident at Strictly 2k.

The Dancehall duo, known for hits such as Bend Over, Shake Ya Bam Bam, Jump, and Kotch, split four years ago following a disagreement and were seeing each other for the first time since. It, however, was not a happy reunion as Delomar’s request for Renigad to join him on stage was rebuffed as they performed separately.

Delomar, whose real name is Andre Bedward, claimed it was an effort to resolve past conflicts and please fans, but Renigad rejected the gesture as disingenuous and aimed at tarnishing his image.

The audience displayed high energy as Renigad performed a slew of RDX hits on stage moments before Delomar entered the stage and Renigad left. Delomar then reasoned with the audience that he would be the ‘bigger man’ and invited Renigad to return to join him center stage to perform together but Renigad refused. Delomar’s stay was brief as he performed Shake Ya Bam Bam and then left.

RDX’s Delomar

Delomar said the attempt at conflict resolution onstage was spontaneous, but he chose that forum to appease the fans. “Me feel like mi always haffi a be the bigger man so mi step pon the stage and say mi ago be the bigger man again and if him don’t come up pon the stage mi naw go do it again because mi naw go tek no more embarrassment,” Delomar told DancehallMag.

“ Mi look into myself and say mi ago do it for the fans to make the fans feel good say the biggest dancehall group could work together again because whatever happened between we 4 years ago  me grow pass that now and mi a say me no wah go over inna 2024 with that energy deh,” he added.

Delomar had entered the stage when Renigad was performing Dance which he said was the very first single the duo recorded and that’s when Renigad walked off.

Despite the failed attempt at burying the hatchet at Strictly 2k, Delomar said he is still willing to make peace with Renigad but only if he reaches out.

“I would look pass it to be honest with you but I don’t think the friendship would ever be the same or ever ago happen but I would do it for the fans. And that’s basically what I wanted to do because of the fans dem so until he is mature enough then mi naw go do it,” he reasoned.

Meanwhile, Renigad said that Delomar’s action was not genuine as both of them stood backstage for about 20 minutes before any of them went on to the stage and Delomar said nothing to him nor to any member of his team.

“Why him never come conflict resolution dehso?” Renigad asked.


“The opportunity was there for conflict resolution face to face for about 20 minutes backstage because him did deh three feet from me, him coulda say to me or one of mi team members and say tell di deejay say mi want mi and him work tonight and build back a vibes. If mi and you no chat and you go pon public forum and belittle me and say everything weh you need fi say, if yu really needed to do conflict resolution there were many ways,” he said.

“Him cudda call me phone, text me phone or text me pon Instagram or any of the social media platforms and say bro me want me and you sit down or two see me pon the stage backstage and say bro mi want me and you work tonight cause either me do it or mi don’t do it then you wudda have a case for conflict resolution,” he said.

He also dismissed Delomar’s claims that his gesture was done with the best interests of the fans in mind.

“Since you are saying you are doing it for the fans, mi sing five songs and walk off and RDX have more than 5 songs so since you call me and you see that mi not interested what would you do and you say you are doing it for the fans you shoulda do the other songs,” Renigad told DancehallMag.

“When he went on the stage as the peace loving guy him shudda just sing some song… him see forward a gwaan while mi a perform and run on because him did want some of the glory, It had nothing to do with conflict resolution,” he further claimed.

“Him run out and did not get the reception he wanted and so he panicked, “he added.

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