Razor B, Wife Ranjini Cassup Celebrating 30 Years Of Marriage

Dancehall artist Razor B and his wife Ranjini Cassup are celebrating 30 years of marriage.

It’s quite the standout in the context of a genre that promotes a Casanova lifestyle, though veteran deejay Yellowman has been married to Rosie Foster for 38 years, while Shabba Ranks and Michelle Gordon are going strong 31 years later.

In an Instagram photo slide on Wednesday, the Bruk Fi Mi Back hitmaker praised his ladylove for her unwavering loyalty, despite his unspoken indiscretions over the three decades.

“Yuh wouldn’t even understand the amount and pain and misery mi put this woman through and she still decide to hold mi down,” Razor B said. “Have mi back; ride and die. Never once judge or criticize or even tell a lie pon mi! What Father GOD put together, let no DEVIL try to separate! The more them try to attack US is the closer and stronger we get. Endless Love Mrs Cassup, not even death can separate us.”

He sealed the post with sentimental hashtags like ‘30 years’, and Destiny’s Child’s Brown Eyes as the soundtrack to a pictorial journey of their love story. Their actual anniversary date was on August 6, but the milestone, as they described it, was no easy feat, so the celebrations continue. 

“I can honestly say it’s not all bed of rose but we choose love over separation,” Razor B said in an earlier post. “When we (got married) back in 1993, I never thought 30 years later I would be celebrating this day with my bestfriend @ranjinicassup. Thank you for being there through thick and thin, ups and downs, good and bad… I love you endlessly. I hope and pray that God give us another 30×30 more years. I can’t imagine life without ‘US’. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY QUEEN!!!!!”

Ranjini also made a series of posts.

“Thirty years these days is definitely something to celebrate,” she wrote. “Relationships, like life, are never a straight path. There are so many highs and lows, twists and turns, joy and sadness. We have been on every side of the good, the bad, the ugly, the pain, the joy… all of it.”

Story goes, they met when they were 10 (we’ll leave the Barbie-Ken references to Razor B) at a McDonalds in Scarborough, Canada. Somewhere between diving into some burgers and talking about “all of life’s possibilities”, they fell in love, and made it official years later in 1993.

They’re parents to three children, and partners who have headed several businesses together, including a catering business which started in Canada, then expanded to Jamaica.

Besides the internal issues that arise in long-term relationships, The Cassups have also been subject to unwarranted opinions of their love. Ranjini reflected on this in a Shania Twain, “looks like we made it”, sort of way. 

A throwback photo of The Cassups

“Thinking about the ones who said we stayed together because of the kids, because of money, because of papers, because of popularity, out of desperation, dependence, and lack of other options,” she wrote in another post. “They only know the surface. They actually know nothing at all about our life, our story, our struggle, our pain, our joy, our pride, our happiness.

“So many things to reflect on… so many decisions that could have been different but that would have led to a different today. I feel grateful for you. For the beautiful humans that we made with love and the one that we are raising with love although not ours together. All of it is beautiful and wonderful and brings me joy everyday. #30yearstogether.”

Meanwhile, fans have been sending congratulations, with D’Angel even referring to them as her favourite couple. 

“I pray God continues to give his angels charge over you both. My blessings will forever and always be with you. What God put together, no man can break asunder. Love and light Mr & Mrs Cassup.”

Other wedded dancehall artists include Sean Paul, Shaggy, Aidonia, Ding Dong, and Agent Sasco.

Sean Paul and his wife Jodi’ Jinx’ Henriques. (PHOTO INSTAGRAM/@jodijinx)
Shaggy and his wife, Rebecca Packer Burrell
Aidonia, and wife Kimberly
Ding Dong and his wife, Tashauna
Agent Sasco and wife Nicole McLaren Campbell
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