Rapper Tula Asks 'Where Is My Love?' At Christmas

Rapper Tula’s latest single is ‘Where Is My Love?’ was released on his O Masters Entertainment label.

“It’s really a Christmas song, it is about loneliness and longing, a man who misses his lover at the most special time of the year, Christmas. He is trying to find back his baby so he is asking: ‘where is my love?’ Christmas is often a difficult time for those who are estranged and who have lost their signficant person in their life,” Rapper Tula said.

Rapper Tula is also songwriter and producer, releasing projects under his label, O Masters.

He grew up in Lionel Town in Clarendon, with his maternal grandmother, Pearline Robinson. He attended Bustamante High School, where he rose to become the head boy of the institution.

After graduating from high school, Oneil went on to further his education at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU), where he graduated with his associate degree in Hospitality Management. Thereafter, he attained his Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security at the Penn State University. However, despite the academic accolades, it was music that remained his first true love.

“I grew up hearing my family singing at weddings, funeral and various community events, which further encouraged me to pursue music,” he said.

In 2012, Rapper Tula started his own label, O. Masters Entertainment. Under his label, he has released a myriad of projects largely as a producer, but also a rapper and songwriter.

Some of these include, “Summer Is Here” by O. Masters and Belly B , “Give Me Your Heart” by Thyrieke, “Pilot” by Belly B, “King Street” by Guinney Pepper, “Talking by Nature Ellis,” “Jah A Champion” by Shalom, “Try” by Belly B and Chronic Law.

He is also working on an EP with veteran act Guinney Pepper.

“I want to create a huge impact on the music scene in a positive way,” he said.

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