Rapper Fredo Bang Insists He “Loaned” Jada Kingdom Money To Fight Deportation, Not For Her 'Yams'

American rapper Fredo Bang says he “loaned” Jamaican artist Jada Kingdom money to assist with deportation woes, contrary to the narrative that he paid to sleep with the Win hitmaker. 

The claim first surfaced in 2022 from Kingdom’s former friend and drill rapper Asian Doll. The two had accused each other of engaging in prostitution, with Asian Doll alleging that Kingdom had admitted to sleeping with Fredo for US$10,000. Be it sarcastically or truthfully, madame Twinkle clarified that it was “actually 35k USD,” which befuddled Fredo Bang at the time. 

Doubling down on his truth that he “never paid for no yams”, the Trust Issues rapper has revealed that he did give the ‘Eastsyde Queen’ money, and the circumstances around it.  

“I loaned her some money one time,” he claimed on the latest episode of Hofessions. “I was in jail when I did it… She needed it for something dealing with deportation or whatever.”

Fredo Bang was in lock-up for several months in 2021 on a parole violation for gun possession. He was previously incarcerated for two years following an attempted second-degree murder charge. 

He said he never dated Kingdom, but loaned her the money as they were close at the time. 

“I wasn’t dating nobody, but we was real tight,” he said before reiterating, “We were real cool but she needed it for something dealing with deportation.”

The matter of Kingdom’s legal status in the United States was recently raised by Asian Doll who claimed she married her manager to obtain citizenship.

This also arose when artist Stefflon Don name-dropped Twinkle’s ex Verse Simmonds as the husband, during their lyrical clash last month.

Verse Jada
Verse Simminds, Jada Kingdom

“She’s married, that’s why she can be in America,” Asian Doll tweeted in January. “If he leave her, she would have to go back to Jamaica. From what she told us is she HATES Jamaica & don’t wanna ever go back. Them literally her words.”

Meanwhile, Fredo Bang said he’s yet to recoup the “loan”, but that it was “nowhere close to $30,000…like $6,500.”

He added that he’s unaware of how the “annoying” sex-paying rumour started, but that he contacted the GPP artist about it. 

“When it first happened, we had talked super, super briefly, but she had stopped replying,” he said. “I don’t know where the confusion came in at, and I’m very upset that she ain’t clear it up.”

Kingdom’s sex life has been music discourse since 2024 started, with Stefflon Don accusing her of being a prostitute across several diss tracks. Kingdom’s stance to those policing her body has been that “free f**k a rape”. As she stipulates on her Turn Me On hit with The 9ine, any man desirous of having her as arm candy, has to buy her a Birkin bag (as done by Afrobeats star Burna Boy).

However, she also made it clear on IDG1F that she’s quite stingy with her lady parts, though men can wish away while spoiling her in cash and kind. 

Kingdom is currently in a relationship with rapper/songwriter Pardison Fontaine, the ex of Hiss artist Megan Thee Stallion. 

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