Queen Omega Basking In Success Of 'No Love Dubplate'

Trinidadian Reggae singer Queen Omega is still basking in the success of her No Love Dubplate, the second-most viewed Reggae/Dancehall video released this year, which was later released for streaming by Sony Music after it went viral during the summer.

During a recent interview on Bridge FM, Omega, whose given name is Jeneile Osborne, affirmed that she feels that No Love Dubplate, which she recorded for Geneva, Switzerland-based Little Lion Sound, is going to contribute to her longevity in the music industry.

“I’ve been doing Reggae music for like two decades now, recording albums, recording singles and still being able to tour Europe.   I’ve been touring Europe for the past 15 years.   And you know, as you tour, you just get more popularity; you get to reach more audiences; you get to reach new territories and I just did a dub session, a normal dub session and I did this dub plate that just went crazy viral crazy,” she said of the record.

“Everyone was like tapping into the frequency which was good.   It work out because I’ve been I’ve been doing this thing for such a long time and you know, you never know when that particular buss will come, as they would say; the hit tune… so now that I’m out there and that reached 33 million views, I’m just I’m just expecting to have a little more long time in the industry, you know, longevity in the industry,” she said at the time.

Added Queen Omega: “I think it’s just going to give me longevity because this is what I was born to do and I love doing music you know, and I love representing from my island Trinidad, Trinbago.”

The original No Love song, which was produced by Little Lion Sound was released in May 2022, and so far, has amassed just over three million views on YouTube.   

The dubplate that she voiced for Little Lion Sound, though, has accrued more than 36 million views on the platform, second this year to Byron Messia‘s Talibans, which has racked up over 60 million.  It was recorded on iconic American producer and composer David Axelrod’s beat titled The Edge, which was also used for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s iconic song The Next Episode, on Dre’s album titled 2001

Additionally, the dubplate was officially released on streaming platforms via RCA, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH / Robots & Humans Music Limited, just over a month ago, on Friday, November 24.

The potency of the dubplate had even received the approval of American-British internet personality Andrew Tate, who on July 19, used it as a point for solace and a means to lash out at “The Matrix”.  Tate had shared a snippet of Omega recording the dubplate for and pointed out why he was so enamored with the music genres of Jamaica.

As for her lyrical content which is geared towards positivity, Queen Omega said that it had been instilled in her from her girlhood days to ensure the words from her mouth are ‘acceptable’.  Reggae, she contended, because of its ability to uplift, was seen by her as the right genre to pursue.

“Well you know what, it’s a responsibility.  I was told from quite young.  My mom told me that the voice that I have is a gift from the Almighty, and she was always like ‘and once you have that gift you have to know how to use it.  You have the responsibility of using it the right way or the wrong way’.  And she always tell me that it’s best you use your voice to help humanity,” she explained.

On Wednesday, Little Lion released another Omega dubplate on Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Could You Be Loved instrumental.

“It don’t make sense that you have the gift and you’re going to do wrong with it so it was always in the back of my mind and I always had that understanding… because I grew up in a time where we’re listening to a lot of genres R&B Neo Soul, Hip-hop… Reggae music was that type of music that we would go to when you really need to be uplifted and it was never the popular type of music,” she said.

Continued Queen Omega: “So I had already made up my mind that ‘listen if I’m going to do this music that I know it’s going to be a struggle; it’s going to be a fight you know, but I had already made up my mind that this is what I have to do this is my calling; this is the road that I have to walk”.

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