Queen Ifrica Responds To Foota Hype Calling Out Female Artists For Not Supporting Her

Declaring today ‘Queen Ifrica Day,’ Dancehall selector Foota Hype is encouraging people to post the Reggae artist on social media with uplifting messages following her rape allegation against her father, ska singer Derrick Morgan.

But in an Instagram Live this morning, Ifrica thanked Foota Hype for his efforts, but said she doesn’t need that kind of support. 

“The support I want from you is not a ‘Queen Ifrica Day’,” she said. “I want a ‘let’s go for Jamaica day’, let’s stand up fully for Jamaica day’.”

His supportive cries for the Lioness on the Rise hitmaker came as he feels her female peers have been too silent on Ifrica’s Instagram video posted on Friday, in which she made the allegations.

“Weh Spice? Weh Pamputtae? Weh Shenseea? How mi nuh see dem?…” he asked during an Instagram Live yesterday. “Queen Ifrica, as a stalwart woman weh inna the woman empowerment thing, she a go through something now where she need unno. How unno nuh talk?”

Spice Shenseea
Spice, Shenseea

Figures like Tanya Stephens, Mr. Vegas, Skatta Burrell, Blvk H3ro, ZJ Sparks and Turtleman have shown her love online since the shocking allegations last week. Ifrica supports Foota Hype in calling out female artists, but for a different cause.

“I hear you calling out the other female artists and I’m joining you to say to Lady Saw, to say to Spice, to say to Cecile, to say to Tanya Stephens, Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Carlene Davis, Nadine Sutherland, Jada Kingdom, Shenseea, Shaneil Muir, Vanessa Bling…our women and children in the inner cities need our voices, and it is not a joke anymore.”

Though the Live was a continuation of her mission to restore righteousness and promote justice in Jamaica, she stopped to express appreciation for the messages she’s been receiving for her truth. 

“Me overwhelmed with humbleness and me really do give thanks,” she said.

“It wasn’t the easiest thing fi mi do, ever. Probably the hardest thing mi ever do inna mi life is that video deh weh mi release… It’s not a joke to me, has never been… So again, I just want to say to everyone, give thanks for the similarities of how we exist as human beings…”

Morgan has since said he intends to take legal action against his daughter for her “lies”, and has the support of his sons Courtney and Merrick, who have been publicly defending him in comments on Ifrica’s page. 

Derrick (left) and Courtney Morgan

On his own platform, one-half of Twin of Twins Tu-Lox called on her amiable family members to stand by her side

“Yuh know why, to me, Queen Ifrica a one of the strongest rasta bout yah and most real rasta?” Tu-Lox asked. “Yuh think it easy fi dem allegation yah weh yaa mek, yuh go through that and yuh still haffi face life and put down the whole a dat and decide your mind seh yaa fight fi yuh people dem?”

“Remember seh Queen Ifrica was never a selfish artist. Every song weh she ever sing was made to uplift and lead people inna some sort of direction. Even when the so-called man dem weh fi deh deh a bun the fire give up the fire and weak out, Queen Ifrica dem strong pon the battlefield.” 

Ifrica is now focused on finishing the recording for her fourth album. Her last set, Climb, was released by VP Records in 2017 and featured songs like Black Woman, All That I’m Asking and Let’s Get Silly.  

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