Producer Kyle Butler To Step Away From Studio Briefly To Focus On First Child

Music producer Kyle Butler will be taking a brief hiatus from hands-on music production as he prepares for fatherhood.

Butler, founder of the Dynasty Global record label, which produced records such as RajahWild’s Don’t Worry, Jahmiel’s Unappreciated and projects such as the Sin riddim, shared that he and his wife got married in a private ceremony recently and are expecting a baby boy next month.

“ We have been an item for over a year now or more, however, we have known each other for much longer. I have known her for over four years, but we have been together for over a year. We are married but we hadn’t made it public. We had a small wedding. We wanted to go about it the proper way because we didn’t want our baby to be born in wedlock,” he shared.

“I will be stepping away from the studio for a bit in the beginning. The late nights I will cut out and going road I will limit as well but the business will still be running as I have a company and we have people within the label who are capable of executing. So, I will be delegating more I would say but music will still be my baby,” he said.

Music producer Kyle Butler embraces wife Brytney who is pregnant with their first child.

He said the transition should be effortless for him as he has been gradually limiting his hands on presence musically as the countdown to the birth of his child approaches. “For example, last night Intence wanted to do some road promotions and I stayed home and sent out some representatives on my behalf to go with him,” Butler explained. “The expected due date is January 11 but he may come before that, you know how the thing go. It’s a boy and he will be the next footballer.”

“I’m excited. My father used to tell me that I will understand how he feels when I become a father and how I feel right now is that I have this love that I have never felt before and I have this protective instinct as well and I really am looking forward to being a father and being there for my son,” he added.

Music producer Kyle Butler shares a kiss with his wife Brytney Butler.

As he prepares for parenthood, he shared that he and his wife have been doing a lot of research and have been getting parenting tips. “My wife has been educating herself through a lot of YouTube videos and family, my dad has been giving me a lot of information as well as her mom and we have certain apps that will tell us the size of the baby and what to expect during pregnancy and of course we have been doing the regular doctor visits,” he said.

He revealed that he found out his wife was pregnant after she sent him on a scavenger hunt of sorts.

“ She wrote a letter and put it in an envelope and she put it somewhere and sent me on a scavenger hunt and I had to look for it. I was shocked still but it didn’t really sink in until the belly started to grow. We had a baby shower on the second of this month and family and friends came out and gave us their blessings and gifts,” he said.

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