Popcaan, Vybz Kartel And Fivio Foreign Pour 'Tequila Shots,' And 9 More New Songs

Enchanting and passionate selections, balanced by contemplative tracks from big names like Mavado and Chronic Law, dominate this iteration of our music roundup. If your playlist could use some freshening up, this week’s list has everything for every mood.

Tequila Shots reunites Popcaan and Vybz Kartel for the second time this year, as American rapper Fivio Foreign joins the two on this celebratory and party-pumping track. Produced by Travisynad for Unruly Entertainment and Young and a Dweet, the upbeat tune effortlessly captures a wild time of partying filled with tequila shots and women. Popcaan’s catchy hook and Fivio Foreign’s smooth delivery, along with Vybz Kartel’s punchy ending verse, make the track an easy pick for those who are all about having a good time. The track’s music video, which features copious amounts of booty-shaking, is also in step with the fun-loving theme, as it draws on clips from Popcaan’s recent birthday celebration.

Mavado – No Sorry

Mavado takes a sobering look at his life, and ultimately concludes that he has no regrets in No Sorry. The introspective track is a commentary on the Dancehall star’s humanity, as it juxtaposes his intentions to do good against a track record that often indicates the opposite. Yet, Mavado maintains, he wouldn’t live his life any other way, as it’s been a beacon for ghetto youths who are in pursuit of their own dreams of success. The track is produced by Son Son Productions and Mansion Records.

Izybeats, Masego, Toian – Tipsy

Reggae, R&B and elements of Dancehall collide on this mellow party offering from the trio of Masego, Grammy Award-winning producer Izybeats, and fast-rising Jamaican artist Toian. Backed by a harmony of guitars, mid-tempo percussions and keys, the song weaves a tale about pleasure and seduction, and presents a romance in which lovers surrender to the influence of alcohol. “Call me when you’re tipsy” anchors the song’s simple message, and perfectly sets the tone for sensual harmonies laced all throughout it, making it the perfect mood-setter whether in the club, TikTok, or elsewhere.

Naomi Cowan – Champion Bubblah

While not exactly an ode to Pincher’s classic of the same name, Naomi Cowan offers a modern twist to the sentiment of the woman who effortlessly steals the show wherever she goes. While previously a moniker for women whose dance moves were especially mesmerizing, this interpretation of the ‘Champion Bubblah’ lands as a party-thumping female empowerment anthem, meant to prop up sentiments of individuality and independence. Even the track’s accompanying music video follows suit with an all-female cast of disc jockeys, with hardly any sign of a man throughout. The song is a worthwhile listen from Naomi Cowan, who proves her 2019 Breakthrough Artist of the Year win was no fluke.

Tina (Hoodcelebrityy) – Pon Mi Sneakers

Tina’s feet-tapping new single Pon Mi Sneakers was perhaps released at the wrong time, after a student in Jamaica was hospitalized following a beating he received for allegedly stepping on another’s Clarks. That aside, the song keeps it simple with a catchy hook and opens the floor up to a number of variations of the ‘Pon Mi Sneakers’ move, which ultimately captures the dance. That sentiment is on full display in the music video, directed by both Tina (Hoodcelebrityy) and Dream Team Digital. The easy-to-follow story unfolds in a school/classroom, where a variety of sneakers are worn as the anchor points for the song’s hook. As dancing inevitably breaks out, Hoodcelebrityy leads a cast of dancers/students who share in her literal passion to keep her shoes clean, and in the metaphorical undertones of not allowing anyone to ruin your peace or your space.

Chronic Law – War Cycle

This introspective track by Chronic Law sees the singer questioning the emptiness he feels despite his success. He describes the process as a continuation of war, as his many wins are yet to amount for the feeling of completeness he seeks. The tune is laid against a mellow instrumental and brings to the forefront Chronic Law’s unique ability to drum up empathy for the human condition, even if the outcomes aren’t always favourable to others. The track is produced by Extended Play Records, Building Block Entertainment and Don’t Snooze Production.

Pablo YG – Pablo YG – Cya Rub Out

Pablo YG wastes no time getting down to business in his self-affirming track, Cya Rub Out. The young Dancehall artist reassures his fans, as much as he does himself, that he will remain a force, despite the chatter out there suggesting otherwise. The Bad Juvi additionally busies himself in the construction site-themed music video, likely in an attempt to convey that he is still at work, and that he has the tools to get the job done. The track is produced by Herah Music Production and YGF Records.

Alkaline – First Touch

Alkaline combines romance and nostalgia in this steamy and passionate offering, First Touch, and effortlessly captures the giddy-headed emotions of lovers overcome with desireThe up-tempo track, which feels like a throwback to old school Alkaline, is produced by Autobamb Records and Troyton Rami Productions. In it, Alkaline entices and seduces his lover, and reminds her of the power of their connection – that every time they touch, it feels like the first time. The Dancehall star further reflects on their relationship, and decides that whatever arguments or issues come, they will rebound, and do so in some steamily creative ways.

Denyque – Between Me And You

Denyque borrows a bit of Kranium’s Nobody Haffi Know to kickstart this steamy track about wildly adventurous yet secretive lovers, and makes this largely R&B offering a memorable and enticing one for fans. Complete with a music video in which she embraces her wild side, Denyque reminds her lover to keep the “freaky little things” that they do between them, as she struts around the set in full-fledged dominatrix gear. The track, produced by Levels To Life Productions, represents a Denyque fully embracing her sexuality, with an open-ended invite to the lover who is able to indulge yet remain tight-lipped. 

Vybz Kartel – Cash

Cash, produced by Shab Don Records, is another Vybz Kartel track meant to reflect on his journey to wealth, his unwavering commitment to continue his pursuit of it, and how he has managed to change his fortunes as a result of it. The track’s backing instrumental matches Kartel’s usual up-tempo delivery, and allows for a few experiments with various flows throughout. Not one to leave women out, Vybz Kartel also makes space for their hustle, singing about the means through which different women pursue cash. In the end, the song is a celebration of money, as well as the endless and tireless pursuit of it.

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