Pamputtae Takes Stage And Screen In Netflix Series 'Champion'

Dancehall artist Pamputtae added actress to her resume following her casting in the Netflix drama series Champion, released on the streaming platform earlier this month.

The Ride It singer played herself in the series, appearing in a party scene in episode 6, titled Dat Is It, shot at Rebel T headquarters in Kingston. She served as an inspiration to Vita (played by Deja J. Bowens), a young rapper struggling to find her voice. During a visit to Jamaica, Vita attends an event where she witnesses Pamputtae delivering a high-energy performance. The encounter reignites Vita’s confidence, giving her the push she needs to return to London and pursue her own musical aspirations.

For Pamputtae, the opportunity was a natural fit. As she revealed, acting was her first love in the performing arts, predating her transition to music. The role came about serendipitously, with DJ Sparks recommending her to the casting crew long before she even knew of the Netflix project.

“DJ Sparks mi haffi big her up a she call me,” she told DancehallMag. “Dem talk to her about the role weh dem wanted to be played and she tell dem bout me and she said tha role deh fit me, you know the bad gal pon stage, that a me.”

“When me go a the audition now and everything when me done talk to the people dem dem say no sah this is a done deal you haffi work, anno if nor but, when me start talk dem a say a this dem want. Dem a say a tha vibes deh and tha attitude deh dem want. Is not like mi did haffi go back or practice. Jus by talking to me and how mi repond to them, dem say a done deal me set so dem jus gimme the track and me build the bars dem, mi and Esco,” she explained.

“This is a huge opportunity, every weh when me a walk people a say Champion,” she added, reflecting on the positive response.

Pamputtae shared that she was very composed and had no signs of nervousness, which she thinks played a big part in the confidence she displayed, which secured her the role instantaneously.

“When me reach the audition. nuff people deh deh and mi go inna one room go talk and dem say yeah a me dem a work wid dem no haffi go no further,” she said.


Pamputtae admitted that the entire experience was filled with feel-good moments. “Mi feel good inno and nuff more to come, God just a open doors and mi just a tek mi time mi no inna no rush,” she said.

She added that her performance was so impressive that it only required one take.  “Mi jus shot it like a mattic,” she joked. “Dem loved how I delivered it,”  she emphasized.

Pamputtae revealed that she felt comfortable on set because everyone was professional and everything went seamlessly.

“Dem treat me good man. Dem treat me good, dem do the right thing.Every minute somebody come and check pon me, mi want tea, mi want water, anything mi get. Mi have mi own bus with mi name Pamputtae marked on it, mi have it with mi crew inna it because you know everybody have dem own section,” she shared.

The artist revealed that she’s already landed another acting role in an upcoming movie, though details remain under wraps as she delves into the script and prepares for the challenge. “Me receive a next call for a next movie so soon and very soon I will be in a next movie but this time mi naw just perform mi a role so mi a practice,” she shared.

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