Nicki Minaj Gives Queen Ladi Gangsta Relationship Advice

Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj recently shared a message of self-love with Queen Ladi Gangsta, who has been navigating a tumultuous relationship with her husband, Duane “Dowey” Scarlet.

On Wednesday, Queenie, a Dancehall artist and social media personality, was bubbling with joy after the Trinidadian superstar joined her TikTok Live. Minaj noted that she discovered that both she and Queenie are Sagittarians, which made her more empathetic towards the Double Tap artist.

“You are a Sagittarius queen, and right now in the Universe, there’s a very low energy trying to pull down Sagittarius queens because of all the great things that are about to come,” Minaj began in her mini-sermon. 

The rapper continued, “With Sagittarius queens, we don’t only get through it, we get on top of it!… don’t stress yourself; don’t be crying…the devil is a liar, and you are going to eventually have to love yourself so much and it’s going to attract even more love, and goodness and blessings because everybody can see that you’re a great human being.”

Queenie and her husband ‘Dowey’ tied the knot on March 20, 2021, in what was dubbed by some as Jamaica’s very own ‘Royal Wedding.’ However, the pair has had a rocky two-and-half years, with Queenie resorting to social media on many occasions to rant and even cry about her frustration. In March, she told the Jamaica Star that she had stopped fighting for what she described as a broken relationship.

Queen Ladi Gangsta and her new husband Duane “Dowey” Scarlet

Breakups are not easy, especially in this case, where Queenie has time and time again professed her love for her husband, who is 20 years her junior. Minaj, however, encouraged her to prioritize herself and embrace self-love.

“You’re a good-hearted person, you’re a real person, but, at one point in your life you’re gonna have to choose you,” she said on the live as a tearful Queenie listened intently. 

“A lot of times people don’t realise that they are the prize but the person, and a lot of times people see in you what you don’t see in you… so, when a person isn’t treating you right or using you and abusing (then) you being sad and begging, these are the things that women do and we don’t realise that the person we doing that to, they know! We don’t f**king need their ass,” the Super Bass rapper continued.

She reminded Queenie that she has made a name for herself independently.

“If you understood that you are their light, you are their clout, you are their world, they don’t want you to know that because if and when you find that out, the power you will possess. You already possess that power, but you’re not using your power,” Minaj added.

Queenie and Minaj’s interaction comes on the heels of a TMZ report that Minaj’s own husband, Kenneth Perry, was sentenced to 120 days of home confinement for violating federal probation by threatening Cardi B’s husband, Offset, on social media.

Minaj, a fan of several Jamaican social media personalities, has followed Queenie on Instagram since 2021.

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