Mr. Vegas Says Sting Promoter Isaiah Laing Has Heart Of Gold

In the current atmosphere of several artists having a bone to pick with Sting promoter Isaiah Laing, Mr. Vegas has hailed the former policeman for his dedication to Dancehall culture. 

“Say what you want, but one thing you cannot deny is the LOVE Isaiah Laing has for dancehall music!” the Tek Weh Yuhself singjay said. “I do not know where he gets the energy to continue; I would have given up a long time ago.”

Since its staging on December 26, Laing has been dragged as an instigator of chaos, as was the claim of deejay Fully Bad when Honormosity gained access to his set.

For singer Tanya Stephens, Laing is a man of little integrity after her performance slot was pushed back due to show delays. Deejay Spragga Benz also shaded the ill-managed event, which led to his and Anthony B’s missed performances. 

Despite these issues, Mr. Vegas is opting to focus on Laing’s investment in Dancehall, with Sting returning in 2022 following its last staging in 2015. 

“Factually, the attendance I observed at the last two staging of Sting could not offset the expenses to stage the events,” Mr. Vegas said. “Nevertheless, Mr. Laing is steadfast and has even announced that Sting will be back next year (Dec. 26, 2024). Mr Laing, who knows, knows; your heart is PURE as gold! My respect has grown for you tremendously. May next year be the year of your blessings.”

This isn’t the first time the Hot Wuk entertainer has defended Laing and the clash-centered show. In 2016, he spoke about the importance of Sting as one of two major festivals in Jamaica, which he said also provides a platform for artists unable to travel overseas. 

“We have two major dancehall shows left in Jamaica – Sumfest and Sting,” he told The STAR. “Most of the dancehall icons got their big breaks at Sting. Yuh see if you are a artist weh a run the place and yuh think yuh nuh need Sting, yuh nuh love music, yuh nuh love dancehall and yuh nuh love reggae music.”

Sting’s history traces back to 1984 when Laing organised sound systems to square off in cinemas, before expanding to a stage show which has seen some of dancehall’s biggest moments and clashes. 

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