Minister Marion Hall Responds To Nicki Minaj: “Be Careful Of How You Disrespect Me”

Minister Marion Hall is not interested in a war of words with rap artist Nicki Minaj concerning TikTok sensation Brittany ‘Brit’ Goffe. 

Two weeks ago, the gospel singjay, formerly Queen of Dancehall Lady Saw, urged Brit to run to God and be wary of the gifts of the world, having seen Minaj send her elaborate gifts on TikTok. The Chun-Li rapper clapped back by telling Hall and Queen Ifrica, who also took notice of the gift, that while she tries to respect some people because they’ve “earned” it, she’s not the one to play with. 

In her response, Hall insists that her message was not ill-intentioned.

“I love and respect you, so, please do the same…” she said during Sunday’s sermon. “I just acknowledged that you had sent some money, so, I was telling the lady (Brit) she’s getting the attention and that’s how it is, but based on what I saw, it really broke my heart and I wanted her to just run to the wall…the Lord… It was not about you, so, be careful of how you disrespect me. I don’t take it. I don’t like that. I love you though.”

Hall said she went as far as sliding in the Trini-born star’s DMs to share the link to the sermon in question. They still follow each other on Instagram.

“I sent you the message for you to listen so that you choose your words before you try to disrespect me, okay?” she said.

“I used to be friends with another lady from Trinidad. I still have friends over there; Denise Belfon is always gonna be my friend. I know you’re a Trini. I love you. I love Rihanna. I love Foxy Brown. Foxy used to be a friend of mine and she can tell you about me because even while you were going through your stuff, she asked me to pray for you, so, let’s not go there, okay?”

Minaj has often cited Brown as one of the rappers who inspired her to pursue a music career.

Nicki Minaj (left) and Foxy Brown

Hall and Brown were cool before their falling out in the mid-2000s, which was allegedly due to the rapper believing the I’ve Got Your Man hitmaker was trying to snag her then-boyfriend Spragga Benz. Before the dustup, the ladies had collaborated on All Night and The Quan.

When she released her last dancehall-flavored project, The Fine Nine Remix, Minaj praised the versatility and pen of Lady Saw while on an Instagram Live with Dovey Magnum.

The secular act got baptised in 2015 and became an ordained evangelist in 2018. Since establishing her church in 2020, Hall has gotten flak for controversial comments surrounding female entertainers like Spice and Shenseea. The cycle continued this month with netizens accusing her of referring to Minaj as the devil luring people with gifts.

Brit eventually regifted Minaj on the app, and the rapper played into narratives that she was “returning the gifts to the devil.” 

“At no time did I call you devil,” Hall said on Sunday.

“At no time did I tell her to give you back the money, and I am telling you, people will draw you into things and make you an enemy of another when that person love and respect you… I know you love and respect me and I always hear you shouting me out and bigging me up, and I dont want me and you to go down dah dutty road deh.”

Hall is currently focused on securing funds to purchase a building in Florida to run her church and feeding program

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