Minister Marion Hall Gets Real About Motherhood At 55, Says She May Take A Step Back

Minister Marion Hall has been in mommy mode since her grandniece and nephew moved into her Florida abode in July, but it’s not been without some challenges. 

The gospel singjay, formerly dancehall star Lady Saw, is keeping it real about motherhood at 55, especially while trying to build her ministry. 

“Sometimes I have to drive them to school instead of ministering,” she said during a prayer/fasting service on Wednesday. “I have to think about cooking for them. You know my sister gone to work, sometimes I go pick her up… I’ll be here and I’m thinking, okay, I’m gonna clean up the house. I’m gonna wash. I have something to do over there… All these things get in the way of my ministry but you have to carry each other burden, so, whenever one need me, I’m gonna lean in.”

The artist has been open about her fertility challenges throughout her career, even chronicling it in her 2007 song No Less Than A Woman.

Hall is known as the primary breadwinner for her extended family, and has also been blessed with several godchildren. The role of a full-time parent makes her wonder if she’s taken up more than she can manage.

“I realise that I have to be a mother also, so, I have to correct and I have to check,” she said. “You getting calls from the school or you’re getting emails, so, you have to be a parent and I’m like, God, I didn’t want this, you know?”

She shared a recent instance of getting angry and destroying her nephew’s phone upon seeing inappropriate content.

“I think God knows why he don’t give me no kids because you know when you have teenagers, they have friends and some friends are not good friends, so until you get in the phone, that’s when you know what’s really going on in your kid’s life…”

She continued, “I’m like, how do I deal with this? What friends are these? These friends are acting as if they’re grown, so why are you in this group chat with these people? And I broke the phone, so, I don’t know… Sometimes you take up too much on your plate; I believe I did that.”

Added to this are what she described as money-hungry people trying to get what she doesn’t have, and others constantly spreading lies about her that stain the credibility of her conviction story. Plus, she’s been doing a concert series to raise funds to acquire a property for her Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ. Considering these factors, Hall, no stranger to social media breaks, is contemplating a hiatus to determine what’s next.

“I have a lot of distractions, I’m not lying to you,” she said. “Sometimes there’s a lot of stuff we don’t talk about and it is costing me to not get to study a lot, costing me to be all over the place and I don’t like where I’m at right now in that space where I’m not doing enough for God… I feel like I need to step back and ask God, talk to Him. Maybe I should just go in studio and record an album.”

She’s already seven songs in on an LP, but said her manager Delroy Escoffery may opt to release more singles. Her last album, His Grace, was released in 2018, following her debut gospel project, When God Speaks, in 2016.

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