Meet Mr. Lexx’s Sons Who Are Doing Music

Veteran deejay Mr. Lexx hasn’t only produced some of Dancehall’s top anthems, but offspring to continue the ‘Palmer’ legacy of musical excellence.

The Full Hundred artist recently took the time to share music from four of his sons, who are based across Jamaica, the United States, and Canada. 

“Stop for a minute,” he told Instagram followers. “My kids got talent. Y’all agree?” he asked before posting snippets of songs from hip-hop duo The Yutes, rapper TGETruth and trap dancehall artist Cloud. 

Over the last five years, The Yutes – comprising Chris and Santris – have garnered millions of streams for songs like Bring It Back, High Grade with Curren$y and Get Money with Masicka.

Now based in the US, The Yutes fuse their native heritage with modern trap elements to differentiate themselves, a formula that pulls more than 30,000 Spotify listeners each month. 

Canadian-based artist TGETruth, whose given name is Johari, had his breakout in 2020 with Wanna Know. The first part of his moniker stands for ‘The Grey Era’ music group, of which he forms part.

Canadian rapper TGETruth

Besides his father being Mr. Lexx, TGETruth’s musical DNA is further enriched with ‘Big Ship’ genes as he is the grandson of reggae singer Freddie McGregor.

He’s currently promoting FNF, his take on meteoric rapper Glorilla’s song of the same name. 

As for Cloud, his actual name is Trae and his brand is more elusive than his artist siblings. Still, the song shared by his father, Rum Please!, was the most commended in the comments from the post. Easy on the ears, the wavy trap dancehall single is a nod to the uninhibited highs of the subject matter, made more interesting with some Latin elements. 

In a ‘who knows each other best?’ interview in 2022, Mr. Lexx joked that Trae – who happens to wear coloured hair like his dad – is modeling him. 

“Tell the truth…you wanna be me so bad,” Mr. Lexx said.

Trae responded, “No, I’m not. I’m being me… Genetics is a funny thing. I’m being me and it just so happens to look like I’m trying to be him.”

Jokes aside, Mr. Lexx said it was “oddly satisfying” that Trae is following in his musical footsteps. 

“I do like the fact that you do music, so, all the best,” he said.

Santris has also spoken about his father’s role in inspiring him to be an artist.

“We found his whole lifestyle inspiring: the way he would interact with other artists, be in the studio and go to events, really made us want to go for it,” he told HighTimes last year. “He wasn’t always there, but when we do get to link, it’s always an unforgettable experience.”

Mr. Lexx’s influence is also reflected in their love for genre-fusing. While some people in the comments found fault with the rap direction of The Yutes and TGETruth, ‘Diggy Nation’ will remember that Mr. Lexx, too, has experimented with different sounds in his career. He got his big break in 1997 with Make Some Money, and stood out from the crowd with his signature rap-deejay style which he popularised in digital dancehall. 

Beyond music, Mr. Lexx was also big on taking risks when it came to how Dancehall artists presented themselves, bringing grandiose props and visuals to his stage performances.

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