Masicka’s Girlfriend Looks Back On Their Journey For His 30th Birthday

Masicka’s girlfriend Candice took a trip down memory lane to mark the 30th birthday of her celebrity beau on Monday (December 4).

The pair have been together for some time, but many were surprised to see that they have been an item since before the deejay earned fame, thanks to the photo slide she posted.

“We’ve been through Hell, We’ve been through Heaven and everything else in between. Happy Birthday Young Legend. Love you 4L 🤍,” she captioned the post.

The Tyrant deejay responded in comments: “Die for us fight for us spend me life with you @jamaicanting 🙌❤️”

In 2019, the ‘Genahsyde’ artist had shared a photo of both of them in front of his Porsche in the parking lot of the Spanish Court Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

During his set at Reggae Sumfest this year, Masicka also hailed her publicly as the one ‘Queen in the deck.’

“Mi a tell unuh straight ‘cause mi a gangster inna real life, mi love my woman. Nuh bwoy cyaa play wid my woman nuh weh at all inna di world, yuh hear dat?” he professed. “Suh yuh see when mi a move, mi like fi move wid my woman and she deh yah tonight, suh big up yuhself baby every time—yuh know how it guh. Mi love yuh inna real life.”

Fans have been raving over the couple’s journey since Monday night’s post.

“I love this… it’s the throw back for me, years now enuh,” one fan commented.

“It’s only getting better with time 😍🤍,” another added.

Meanwhile, another said, “Love stands the test of time 🤎”

Masicka’s sophomore album, Generation of Kings, was released via Def Jam Recordings on December 1. 

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