Masicka Ends Years-Old Beef With Aidonia

Masicka appeared to mend fences with Aidonia on Saturday night, embracing the man whom he has, for years, jeered and described as lazy and a coward with a poor work ethic.

In a video, captured on video by Pantason, Masicka is spotted hugging and congratulating a sweat-drenched Aidonia on his performance at the Summa Fest stage show at Kensington Oval in Barbados.

In the brief exchange, which has been lauded by Teejay, Konshens, Razor B and BBC 1Xtra’s Seani B, Masicka is seen clasping hands with Aidonia, and praising him for a “good performance.”

Aidonia in turn responded in kind to Masicka, who was heading to the stage for his stint, urging him to ‘rip up’ the stage as he had just done.

“Bun dem!” he told his former nemesis, “Dat is it.  Mad up enuh”.

The beef between the two deejays had manifested publicly in 2014 after Masicka voiced a diss track titled The Truth, where he called Aidonia by name and unleashed a vitriolic lyrical attack on him for, among other things, telling producers not to voice him and telling his friends to “fight mi”.

The vendetta continued into July 2017, when the Top Form artist appeared in an Onstage TV interview and castigated Aidonia, whom he insisted had been, among other things, fighting against him.

The Genahsyde deejay had also accused Aidonia of orchestrating the beating of a music selector for playing his song at a dance the month before.

“First of all, Aidonia is a coward.  Aidonia is a coward and Dancehall know seh Aidonia is a coward.  Aidonia is a man weh like beat behind bushes and stuff like that.  Memba when we a come direct, wi a come direct at people,” Maasicka had told Onstage host Winford Williams.

“An is not like seh Masicka is arrogant and love war.  Dem yute deh a yute weh badmine di ting an want stop di ting an tell disc jockey seh ‘don’t play Masicka’.   Is not like Masicka get up an seh ‘mi a guh diss Aidonia’.  Yuh si an incident weh dem a diss a selector, weh me not even associated with – a diss a selector fi play my song?” he added.

After Williams posited that Aidonia was a veteran in the business who had maintained all his followers from day one, Masicka had countered that he was an underachiever.

“Meck mi break it dung.  From me deh a high school, mi a listen Aidonia a deejay… an mi out high school an a do music and he’s at the same place right now: definitely at the same place.  Me a 25, a do music; weh Aidonia achieve weh we neva achieve?  Aidonia neva do a album; him neva do certain tings… So when yuh seh veteran, he’s a veteran to voicing and writing, but he’s not a veteran to achievements,” he had argued.

“Mi naw judge no man career, an mi naw bring dung nobaddy, but dis is evidence of wha wi si.  Him get di chance fi run di place when Vybz Kartel guh a jail.  Everybaddy come fly past him.  Him lazy.  Him work ethic nuh up to par, suh when dem si a next yute a rise now, dem quick fi fight him an das di only ting dem can do, fi try hol dung somebaddy weh fi guh up.  Becaw if yuh gi dem di forefront and seh ‘gwaan guh dweet by yuhself’, dem neva guh noweh.   He had so many opportunities to rise.  Where is him now?  Same place,” he had added.

As he continued to lash Aidonia, Masicka had said that clashing onstage with him would be a wasted effort, as the Meadowbrook High School old boy’s laziness would cause the feud to fizzle.

“Of course me woulda call him up pon stage and flag him out now just fi show people seh him nuh ready.  But it nuh necessary, because at di end a di day, wi a guh gi him a buzz and… if yuh hear two three song fi him dis month yah, den yuh naw hear fran him fi three, four years.  Suh a dat mi nuh waa do.  Mi nuh waa get myself tie up inna somebaddy weh naw try remain consistent, weh naw try do no new music.  So wi seh ‘awrite, lef dat oneside.  Wi a focus pon some different tings right now’,” Masicka said.

The Genasyde artist’s comments had come after Aidonia, in an interview with Onstage at an overseas stage show a month prior,  had said he had gotten the break and had hits on top of hits since then, in an apparent response to Masicka’s The Truth.

“Mi nuh deh pon no likkle bwoy level or no pickney ;level… Mi have more dan 30, 40 hits unda mi belt… Some likkle man weh waan do dem ting, dem need fi guh find some likkle man and find some basic school type a ting and some elementary type a ting.  Because mi graduate from high school, college… is like I’m the professor right now… Becaw if yuh guh out deh suh and si a big man a beat up a likkle bwoy, yuh a guh seh a wickedness,” he had said seemingly alluding to why he had been ignoring Masicka.

The brouhaha between the two had subsided after the intervention of Bounty Killer, who called up the two at Dream Weekend in Negril.  In a later interview, the Warlord said he had cautioned the two to at no time get physical, but should only war musically as “from its singing, its money bringing”.

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