Macka Diamond Says Fame Messed Up Her Dating Life

Dancehall singjay Macka Diamond makes no apologies about loving the mula. It’s ingrained in her “money-o” slang, across several songs and custom banknote outfits, and she’s even asked fans to cashapp her on her birthday. But when it comes to her dating life, money has made matters complicated.

“My personal life is a mess since my career took off,” she recently said on Way Up With Angela Yee. “It’s like all those guys you know who get millions, they’re like, ‘Oh, you have money now’. I’ve heard it from other female artists in the business…’My boyfriend start to tell me I have money now, I’m okay’, and I’m like, that’s how they stay???”

Reflecting on past experiences, she’d also be monitored for her stage performances. “Then we have, ‘Oh, I saw you on stage dancing with a man’, so, it’s a lot of things will happen in that personal life and to try and get them not to think we are not out here (doing wrong) when I’m out doing my shows and I’m not messing around.”

Macka Diamond

Macka’s last public relationship was with Jamaican singer Spotlight, which ended in 2019. Since then, she’s teased being engaged to a white man in 2021, even declaring that she was done dating Jamaicans. 

“Mi done with Jamaican man…mi always seh is a white man mi want,” she told media personality Sky Hollywood on Instagram Live. “Jamaican man dem nowadays, dem too insecure… Jamaicans have too much headache, mi cya manage… The amount a Jamaican man tell me seh dem love mi and this and that. Jamaican man only tell yuh seh dem love you and when dem reach inna di relationship, dem get intimidated. Dem nuh know how fi talk di truth from the beginning.”

The 52-year-old says she’s been attracting a plethora of younger guys lately, but isn’t interested. 

“I’m not a fan of younger guys, but they love me…” she said. “They scare me because I know they’re not ready to settle, so, I like settled people. But the big men, the older men are scared of me. They’re like, ‘Oh, this woman is too sexy; she’s too hot. She’s gonna give me trouble’.”

While dating for Macka isn’t a smooth-sailing process, her music need not reflect that. Her latest release, Numb Up, was produced by Natural Bond Ent and hails the sexual prowess of her partner. 

“It’s a song that wasn’t really planned around anyone… I needed something in the parties for the ladies so they can be feeling sexy and loving themselves.”

It’s a niche the Big Woman vs Yung Gyal deejay has been focusing on for some time through the alter ego Mackadocious, capitalising off ageism trolls and those who want her to retire. 

“That was another lane I created and all the big woman, they love me. They keep telling me, ‘Oh, you inspire me’, ‘You make me feel good’, so, it’s a whole different part of my career. I find that a lot of women who are going in their 50s and 60s and they’re keeping their parties, they’ll book me for it and they just want to feel entertained and feel like someone is a big woman, but they’re supporting them and letting them feel good.”

Fresh off performing at Angela Yee Day in New York on Sunday, Macka is next slated for Dominica on Thursday and Friday before heading back to The States for other dates. She’ll hit Guyana on September 15, and will be performing in Jamaica on the 29th.

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