Macka Diamond Declares She “Still Got It”

Macka Diamond boldly asserts that her flame is still ablaze with her new release, Still Got It. A veteran of the dancehall scene since the 1990s, she’s built a career on her powerful vocals, catchy lyrics, and unapologetic confidence. And at 53, she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Still Got It, recorded on the popular Dutty Money riddim, is a defiant anthem to anyone who still doubts her fire. “Me see other girls a jump pon di riddim so me aguh jump pon it to- and show them that I still got it,” Macka told DancehallMag.

Added Macka: “The lyrics of the song are about shutting up the naysayers, who continue to make comments that Macka Old and she must retire. Look at Marcia Griffiths, Lady G who still a sing and a duh well, suh why me fi stop, music is what I love”.

It was originally written for her highly publicized booking as one of the “Ten Giants” of Sting.

The song is also a gamble. Macka recorded it without permission from the riddim’s producer, Rvssian. But she’s confident that her fans will make their voices heard and convince him to give it his official blessing. Macka is also hedging her bets with the intention of dropping visuals to accompany the record.

A self-declared Rvssian fan, Macka shared, “I love how he does business,” and although she has never voiced a song for the producer, she’s always been interested in doing so.

Macka’s ambitions extend beyond the recording booth. She’s set her sights on Downsound Records Bos, Joseph “Joe” Bagdonovich, and performing at Reggae Sumfest. “Macka is a part of the industry that built the dancehall, I think Sumfest should draw back the legends,” she argued. “I will work at any of the  sumfest nights, New Rules was a testament that I can rock a young crowd”.

Switching gears, the self proclaimed “hot big woman” says that she is proud of the gains being made by females in dancehall and is shrugging any negativity or contention with female artists.

When asked which of the younger female artists she would be open to mentoring Macka Diamond responded, “there are so many good ones, but Jada Kingdom could be the female Mavado, her voice and lyrical flow remind me of the Gully Gad”.

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