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In a recent interview with Forbes, Latto, the rising rap sensation, shared her dream collaborator, and it’s none other than the iconic Fenty mogul, Rihanna. When asked about her ideal collaboration from both a business and music perspective, Latto enthusiastically singled out Rihanna as the perfect fit for both categories.

“Business, RiRi. RiRi. I just feel like she touched our generation in a whole different way,” explained Latto. “I feel like women like me who might have a little motion going on, she showed us that it’s possible for us to take it a whole different level.”

Expressing her admiration for Rihanna’s influence on her generation, Latto extended the invitation, saying, “So definitely RiRi. Music and business. What’s up, RiRi? Call me girl. I did a song with Mariah Carey, I did a song with Christina Aguilera, I did a song with Lil Wayne. It’s so limitless, I feel like anything could happen.”

Latto, at the age of 24, has already collaborated with legendary figures such as Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Lil Wayne. The prospect of a collaboration with Rihanna may not be far-fetched, as Latto recently joined Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty team as an official ambassador, signaling a connection between the two artists.

While she dreams of working with Rihanna, Latto also revealed another coveted collaborator in a recent interview with XXL. André 3000, the OutKast legend, is her ultimate dream collaboration, and she even has the perfect song in mind.

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“I want to bring André 3000 out of retirement. I got a song for André right now that will go so fuckin’ crazy,” Latto shared. “And I’m really just trying to pull all strings, so hopefully, this can reach André somehow. I want André on my album.”

Confident in her artistry, Latto sees endless possibilities in her music career, with collaborations with artists like Childish Gambino and support from the likes of J. Cole. As she continues to make waves in the industry, Latto aims to garner respect from both peers and OGs, emphasizing her genuine passion for music and her commitment to a lasting presence in the industry.

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