Kyle Butler Welcomes Newborn Son To His Family

Dancehall music producer and footballer Kyle Butler welcomed his newborn son Adonis Jeremiah Kyle Craig Butler to the world on December 29 last year following his wife’s successful cesarean section delivery.

“I wasn’t in the delivery room because she had to do a general c section but becoming a father was a beautiful experience,” he said.

He said while he is overjoyed to have his bundle of joy in his life, he has had to sacrifice sleep to carry out his fatherly and husbandly duties.

“ I have ben having whole heap of sleepless nights and have been helping out with the feeding because my wife had the c section so she wasn’t as mobile plus she had a complication as well but she is home now so I have been doing the feeding, rocking the baby, burping the baby  and also giving her whatever she needs because I have to be by her side,” he said.

Kyle Butler holds his newborn son Adonis Jeremiah Kyle Craig Butler.

He said the experience was an eye-opener for him, especially the risks of pregnancy and giving birth which left an indelible mark on him following his wife’s hospitalization after giving birth.

“ It was way beyond my expectations, pregnancy is no joke, people shouldn’t play with that because its big people things but I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot. I learned a lot of some medicines and how to care for the baby,” he revealed.

He provided some insight into what a typical day looks like for him now.

“ A typical day as a dad is tummy time with my son, rocking him to bed, waking him up feeding him and checking on my wife and then doing it all over again,”.

“We didn’t have much celebration because as I said my wife was in the hospital after the delivery because of a complication,” he said.

In December he said he would step aside from hands on music production to focus on his family.

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