Jamaicans React To J$1.5 Million ‘Sky Vew’ Ticket Price For Chris Brown’s Kingston Concert

The announcement that it will cost up to J$1.5 million for a ticket to attend American R&B star Chris Brown’s ‘Under The Influence’ concert tour, at the national stadium in Kingston on August 27, has been met with astonishment, sarcasm, and mockery by scores of Jamaicans.

Jamaicans began having a field day after The Star tabloid shared the ticket prices on Instagram and made the statement that “fans looking to dance and groove with international superstar Chris Brown when he comes to Jamaica for his concert in August, can expect to pay as much as $1.5 million for a ticket”, then asked the question: “Will you be going to see Chris Brown & Friends?”

Most of the jeering comments questioned whether Chris Brown considered himself a deity or whether the $1.5 million sky view suite ticket would also give them a place in heaven, or beside the Almighty.

Dancehall artists Ding Dong and Teejay will join Brown on the show as well as American singer Sean Kingston, who is of Jamaican descent. Tickets for the concert will go on sale on Tuesday, July 18, with early bird prices ranging from US$45 for Bleachers to US$15,000 for the limited edition Sky VEW Suites.  

The Star’s Jamaican conversion shows that the show is also offering cabana suites at $750,000, while grandstand will be $11,250 and bleachers $6,750.  It is the $1.5 million though, which has captured the attention of Jamaicans and which has left them mortified.

“1.5. Million is really crazy tbh who Chris brown think him be God?” vanessa_18 questioned, while another woman noted: “Not even when him a do US ticket them so expensive. His meet n greet a 1000. Jamaica unnuh fi stop it.”

“A who a pay that fi see the beater ??? Kmt we can barely afford the necessities much less 1.5 million ticket 🎟 all uno mad,” another woman wrote, referencing Brown’s 2009 beating of former girlfriend Rihanna.

The comparisons with heaven were overwhelming on Instagram.

“😂😂😂 then watch 1.5 mill 😂 for what? After ano Jesus me ago see 🙄,” one woman jeered.  

“Where is the sky view suite. Heaven?” another woman asked, while another added: “Whe the sky view look like ???….mi can up a heaven or outer space?”

“Sky view a besides Jesus,” was the comment from another while taniece expressed outrage noting: “Pay which mill? Afta chris brown nuh GOD”.

Over on Facebook, the comments were just as wild.

“May I have a Sky View ticket please? Since it’s so expensive it must be taking me to heaven,” one woman said sarcastically, while another, in similar fashion added: “Mi cya wait fi si God an Chris Brown at the same time🥱”.

Others encouraged their compatriots not to attend in order to teach Chris Brown a lesson.

“Unu to mek him one and the Bands in a dat rass bout 1.5 mil is a Mams ride money dat,” one woman said, while Diandro added: “you can just wait until him come a Weddy Weddy or one of those street dances like Burna Boy and watch him free. A wonder if food include in these prices plus himnot going sing live a lip sing.”

Others like comedian Swiss Lee suggested that the ticket costs equalled the cost of some motor vehicles, and could be used to start a business instead.

“Better Mi guh buy a 2011 mark x an run taxi with it,” he said, while cathymatalon piped in: “That could add one more room pon mi house”.

Another woman, lamented that some of Jamaica’s senior politicians would attend the event was accused of being badmind when she noted that: “A bet PM and him wife going and babsy, watch😢”.

 Chris Brown’s last performance in Jamaica was at Reggae Sumfest in 2010, where he had a mini dance-off with Usher under the tutelage of Elephant Man.

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