Jamaican Artist Jean Francis Is Bringing Dancehall To Hungary

Jamaican-born Jean Francis has been making a name for himself in Hungary, introducing Dancehall to a central European country that is more in tune with Reggae.

“In Budapest as well as everywhere in the world that I have been, people are more drawn to reggae and I would say that is a result of the world legend Bob Marley. I have not come across any challenge because Jamaican music Reggae is known world wide and the Hungarians love it,” Francis told DancehallMag.

Starting as a sound engineer in Kingston, he sharpened his skills before setting his sights on Budapest, where he continues to hone his talents as a musician spreading Jamaican music.

His recent releases such as Give Me That and This Must Be Christmas have garnered praise for their infectious beats, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating visuals.

“With the good sounds and lyrics that I put together, I have gained over 5000 listeners on Spotify within a month and a couple thousands of views on Youtube,” he shared.

“With my growing audience, I would say people are definitely interested in my music and videos and as I grow I try to make music that will change the world for the better and that will definitely be displayed in my upcoming releases as I focus on humanity,” he added.

Driven by his love for music and film, Jean Francis ventured into the world of filmmaking, where he discovered his talent for directing and editing. His unique blend of creativity and technical expertise allowed him to create visually stunning videos for renowned dancehall artists.

Along his artistic journey, he met his wife and fellow artist, Y’urs, during a music and film project. Their shared passion for music and filmmaking led them to collaborate on various projects, resulting in a dynamic partnership both personally and professionally. Together, they embarked on a captivating musical journey, releasing songs that effortlessly blend genres and showcase their exceptional talent.

“I am currently working on 2 collaborations with the artist known as Y’urs and this will be a Pop and a Reggae Song. I travel back to Jamaica very often, I have never been out of my native country longer than a few months so I am still able to promote my music there. The danceable and high energy tempo is what gained my interest in dancehall. As I only gained my residency in Hungary late last year I have not yet been on any venues as I have been situating myself and gaining connections, but I do have some upcoming shows later this year,” he shared.

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