Jada Kingdom Says Spice Is The Only Artist She Wouldn't Clash

Jada Kingdom’s fans have seen her come to lyrical blows with Shenseea and most recently Stefflon Don, but if there’s one person Twinkle would never dare clash, it’s Spice

Referring to the ‘Queen of Dancehall’ as her big sister, Kingdom said she’d rather squash any contention behind closed doors than resort to diss tracks. 

“You know mi love you like mi belly,” the Heavy singer recently said on TikTok. “Mi tell har already pon the phone. Mi seh, ‘Spice, if mi and yuh have nothing, call mi bout it, girl.’”

She continued, “Mi coulda never ever inna a million years inna nuh argument with Spice… A deh so mi woulda draw the line, mi a throw in the towel… A the only woman, mi nah tell no lie. You alone.”

But as she’s flip-flopped about not engaging in beef with others, Kingdom said she’d need help if she ever decided to contest Spice. 

“Anytime, anywhere, mi feel like me have the confidence fi seh mek mi try mi ting, mi just nah bada… Yuh sick? A dem time deh mi woulda haffi call Addi (Vybz Kartel): ‘yow, mi need something’… A dem time deh mi cya bad by myself…”

“Mi and yuh good, mi and yuh great. Yuh know mi love yuh, yuh love me, we great. But you know, anything. All if yuh bored and yuh waan come fi me, or me bored, mi nah badda.”

Several fans argued that it was out of respect and not fear why the ‘Eastsyde Queen’ wouldn’t clash her senior. 

Kingdom has given Spice her flowers over the years, most notably in 2021 when she hailed the So Mi Like It deejay as a stage mentor following a set in Florida.

“Thank you WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA, love unu!” she started. “And a million thanks to my mentor @spiceofficial i love you queen. Nuff artist nuh wah big up who come before dem & give credit to who dem learn from…mi nave dat inna mi.”

Spice, who expressed her thanks in the comments, also acknowledged the compliment by resharing the post.

“Thanks @jadakingdom your appreciation means alot to me. In all my years in this industry I’ve never been tagged by a female artist to say they watched and learned anything from me. You told me even on Club house that you use to sit and watch my performances and look at you now, mashing up every where you go. Big up uself Mumma heavy your heart speaks volume. I’m a big fan I’m so proud of you and your growth is impeccable.”

The artists later performed alongside Shaneil Muir in Texas, where Kingdom further doted on Spice for giving her advice in the midst of a backstage breakdown. 

Shaneil Muir, Spice, Jada Kingdom

“Mi bawl last night cause true mi just do surgery, mi couldn’t perform how mi really waan perform and ting,” she said. “Mi never go the extent and also, mi rush mi set as well cause mi tell Spice round a di back a the stage seh me did a feel like pain and she give mi advice and everything, and mi really respect and love her for that.”

She went on to praise Spice for being a master of the stage despite the unseen chaos that comes with performing.

“Other artists might nuh waan tell unno dis but performing comes with a lot. Spice great bredda, she inna di business fi years and she master it… She mek dis sh*t look easy.”

A year prior, Kingdom said she was done with squabbles and petty rivalry, two days after sending online condolences to Shenseea following her mother’s passing. 

“F**k all that beef shit!” she wrote on Twitter. “I really hate how we always wait until something tragic happens to spread peace and show each other love. I wanna say i get it but that shit is sad & lame…let’s fix that!”

The former pals fell out in 2018 after Kingdom blasted the Loodi singer for body-shaming her hairstylist cousin, who invited Shenseea to her salon after criticizing a hairdo she had posted. That incident preceded several instances of subliminals thrown between the artists, and heightened during the Red Bull Culture Clash at Kingston’s National Arena where Shenseea threw words at her adversary. Kingdom clapped back a day later with the acclaimed diss track, Shen Heng. Shenseea never countered.

During her current spat with Stefflon, Kingdom gave the Hurtin’ Me singer credit for stepping up to the plate and efficiently responding, adding that previous opponents went radio silent. 

Kingdom has also had her fair share of feuds outside the studio, most notably her Twitter-based beef with former friend Asian Doll

Asian Doll (left), Jada Kingdom

As for Spice, she’s faced many rivalries on and off the internet. Her most known opponent was Lady Saw, who, even as reborn Christian Minister Marion Hall, has still gotten into it with the deejay online

A since-squashed feud with Lisa Hyper started 14 years ago following a rumor that accompanied the latter’s leaked explicit photo. The crescendo of their dust-up was Lisa Swiper (Draw Me Out), which some music enthusiasts have hailed as the exemplar of female dancehall diss tracks. From her looks and sexual health to her ousting from the Gaza camp, Spice spared no topic in the sesquipedalian track.

Colossal words returned in her tit-for-tat with Macka Diamond, with Let Out the Donkey her pre-ammunition for their 2012 showdown at Sting.

Then there was the No Worries contention with D’Angel, which they’ve since put behind them.

Men haven’t been exempted from Spice’s sauce, with her releasing Who Sing It? in 2017, a Gaza-defending jab at Alkaline sound-alike Fabian Vendetta. 

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