Jada Kingdom Offering Free Female Collabs: “Mi Tired Fi Do Song With Man”

In the last three years, Jada Kingdom has made a strong case for being the go-to, sure-hit female collaborator.

Her pairing with The 9ine on Turn Me On was one of 2023’s most popular dancehall songs, adding to her roster of other big collabs like Feelings (2022) with D’Yani and Tek It (2020) with Skillibeng. Though the formula has been working, the GPP artist has grown tired of making music with her male counterparts.

“Mi a try collab with more female artists and mi just do one with 5two, and you know, feel the waters here and there,” she told Instagram followers on Sunday. “Mi tired fi do song with man, mi nah tell no lie.”

She later added, “For female artists, features are free, mi only tax the man dem. Mi nuh charge female artists fi features or none of that. We need fi tek over the world, a time now, like, let’s go girls. Me and 5two remix is out now, it’s called Foolie. Go hit that up.”

Kingdom and 5two’s collab was a treat to fans who have been likening their sounds and style of music. Incidentally, it’s the second time fans have identified a sound-alike when it comes to the St. Thomas native, the last being singjay Stalk Ashley.

The two collaborated five years ago on Wasteman, following Ashley’s breakout performance of Kingdom’s Banana. Once sharing the same Pop Style Music management and even supporting each other at different shows, their friendship grew sour over Ashley’s claim that she jacked her style. 

“When I met her, she was singing about balance and peace: Best You Ever Had, Love Situations, and she had access to my music, obviously, we were at the same place…” Ashley told The Fix in 2022. “I feel like as soon as Sin Sex and so came about, her direction changed… She wrote One Time like a week after, or in the same time period, and people start seh she put it (the sound) out there.”

Stalk Ashley

“Obviously, she had the bigger platform. Them time deh, mi have bout 5,000 followers pon IG, I didn’t have this huge platform. So, obviously, people hear it and they’re like, okay, they associate it with her cause they heard it from you, but mi nuh thief nobody sound. That’s how I sound.”

Both released by Khorder Music Group, One Time premiered in January 2019, and Sin Sex was dropped in February.

Despite Ashley’s take, Kingdom isn’t opposed to working with her again as she embarks on this all-female collab endeavour. 

“Mi nuh have a problem fi do a song with Stalk Ashley; Stalk Ashley have a problem with me for some strange reason,” the Win singjay said. “Go pon interview and all that mi nuh answer – it’s just too much. Girls, wrap it up.”

She went on to name-drop Shaneil Muir and Spice as women she’d love to do a song with this year, though she made no promises.

Shaneil Muir, Spice, Jada Kingdom

“That’s why mi a shut up cause mi nuh want unno a deh pon mi case bout nothing… Mi feel like seh mi always a tell unno something a nuh do it…”

The collabs aside, the independent artist said she has tons of new music to release which fans can look out for. 

“I’ve been chilling too much and when mi look pon it, the gyal dem nah talk bout nothing, and mi unreleased songs them deh yah just a sit down,” she said. “Everything good to go now, so it’s time to go, simple as that.”

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