Jada Kingdom Confronts Stefflon Don Over ‘Shade’ In New Song About Her Burna Boy Fling

Dancehall artist Jada Kingdom is seeking clarity on Stefflon Don‘s teaser for an unreleased song, which fans and Kingdom alike speculate might be targeting her indirectly over a brief romantic entanglement with Afrobeats superstar and Stefflon’s ex-boyfriend, Burna Boy.

On Saturday night, the Hurtin’ Me rapper dropped a 20-second snippet of her take on the Dutty Money riddim, a Dancehall beat produced by Rvssian. The lyrics question an unnamed woman’s integrity and fidelity, fueling speculation that they might be directed at Kingdom, who has been previously linked romantically with Burna Boy.

Kingdom did not shy away from addressing the issue head-on. Taking to Instagram on Sunday, she asked Stefflon whether the lyrics were a swipe at her or a continuation of a previous dispute purportedly involving Stefflon Don’s former agent.

“@stefflondon Hey boo! mi nah run roun nuh bush wid yuh,” she began.

“Anuh [It’s not] my style dat suh before mi gather yuh 3rd degree Jus mek mi know from NOW if a me yuh come fah this time 🥰🥰🥰 or a still yuh manager yah chat bout again?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

Kingdom added: “Di wulla wi deyah [here] curious yf maamz! yufy stop dem sumn deh enuh man, cho! ☺️”

Jada—who had previously denied any knowledge of the Burna Boy dating rumors—then went Live on Instagram on Sunday to confirm an intimate relationship with the City Boys singer and pointed out the absurdity of the feud, emphasizing that he’s not exclusively committed to anyone. “It’s weird, because it’s behind a man… this ni–a is for everybody. Last year she pass har remarks, I said nothing,” she said.

She argued that her biggest concern about the unreleased track was the bar that spoke about slapping the unnamed person.

“Unuh a listen the wrong part a di song,” she said. “Me jus’ wah know who aguh get di box! Cause every ting else a facts, ‘cause my pu**y blessed—right through! Me jus’ wah know who aguh get di box. A dat me a ask ‘bout.”

Jada Kingdom (Photo by Amaya McDonald/DancehallMag)

The Love Situations questioned the need for strong, potentially violent lyrics over such a casual relationship.

“If she bold enough fi seh a me she a talk, well it’s weird ‘cause it’s over a guy… and if it is over a guy, mi nah answer yuh ‘cause it’s weird. The bi–hes that I diss or whatever—real beef! Dem man yah a fi everybody, babes! It’s weird…”

She continued: “Mi jus’ wah know if a yuh manager yuh a talk bout again, ‘cause word on the street is yuh get new vehicle. Go drive yuh car babes; yuh win, like, who cares?”

Kingdom reiterated that she and the Last Last singer were not serious. 

“It was never anybody that I was really, really with. A neva no main man business… a neva no ray ray. Di man f–k everybody inna di worl’; buy anybody anything. Like, it’s never been that deep. So, that’s it guys.”

Some social media users are lauding Jada for her boldness in getting to the bottom of the situation. “That’s how you identify as a bad gyal. Jada wasn’t capping when she seh she bad inna real life,” an Instagram user said.

Another user chimed in, “Mi love the tagging! No shade throwing and beating round the bush!”

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