Isaiah Laing Promises “Fire” Lineup For Sting 2023

Supreme Promotions chairman and founder of Sting, Isaiah Laing, says in another two weeks, he will be releasing the names of “at least two of the 10 giants of Dancehall” whom he wants to grace the show on Boxing Day this year.

In an interview with The Star tabloid, the former police officer said that by then, he “will have everyone booked.”

“We, maybe, have two … big, big names … artistes are there who have not worked in Jamaica at any major events for over six years,” Laing said.

According to him, entertainers from across the Caribbean have been contacting him, asking to be a part of the show this year, and as a consequence, the event was going to be “a big deal”. 

Laing also said that Las Vegas reggae band Bonafide and Japanese artist Zendaman have been confirmed for the Sting line-up.

He also said that there will be a special feature pioneer hour between 10:00pm and 11:00pm, in which veterans will perform some of their greatest hits, while between the 11:00pm to midnight hour will feature “some of the hot new crop in dancehall”.

“We will be featuring those artists who helped to make dancehall what it is today … they are a different form of giants. I hope they don’t upset the other giants that will come later,” he said.

The annual event, dubbed the Greatest One Night Show on Earth, is in its 40th year and is set to return to its original home, Jamworld, in Portmore, St. Catherine, on Tuesday, December 26.  

According to The Star, Spragga Benz is rumored to be one of the 10 giants set to perform at this year’s staging, but Laing would only say that “the line-up for the show is fire.”

The publication noted that “a flyer bearing silhouette images of the artistes’ line-up has been circulating in the media space for weeks”.   However, Laing had said he could only reveal that “one female has been confirmed so far” but, nevertheless, Sting fans will not be disappointed “as these are all superstars, some of whom “we’ve being dying to see perform here”.

In April this year, Laing had declared that Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Sizzla and Capleton, would be among the 10 giants for Sting this year.  He had also said that although the Dancehall legends had not formally signed off on their appearances, he was confident they would be at Sting in all their glory, as he would personally be “going for my veterans.”

“Ten giants at Sting…and guess what?   I’m gonna be doing the five columns too yes – the younger ones,” he had added.

The famed “bad bwoy police” had given the explanation after he was asked whether or not Supreme Promotions had changed the format used last year, where only “current artistes”, were booked, and veterans brushed aside.     

In response, Laing had said that it was not his idea to shelve veterans last year, but it was a decision made by other members of his team.   

“We never ditched veterans: at least I never ditched veterans.  I, Isaiah Laing never did that.  But, if the team seh wi going a particular way, I work with it.  But I say ‘changes have to be made’… I am going for my veterans,” Laing stated.

When asked whether the quartet he had named had been signed as yet, the promoter replied in the negative, but gave assurances that their appearance at Sting 2023 will come to fruition.

“No, they have not been signed. But this is Sting; this is their culture.  So we are going to be talking very soon,” he said.

“They knew it wasn’t me who made that decision, last year,” he added laughing, whilst admitting that he was “passing the buck”.

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